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Talbots Is Turning 70

In the world of ready to wear it is hard for companies to keep up with the fads, trends, and the test of time, but one company has skipped fads and trends and absolutely thrived over time.  Instead of adding in pieces that weren't around in a year or two or slashing their prices to keep up, they remained steady.  What started out as a single store has blossomed into thousands across the entire the country.  In the sea of boutiques Talbots stands out as as much as their bright red glossy door.

Talbots started in 1947 as a shop in Hingham, Massachusetts.  The store, founded by Rudolf and Nancy Talbot, began as a singular shop in the suburbs of Boston.  Their goal of who saw the post-war potential of "promoting shopping as a suburban interest rather than strictly a city pursuit" was a hit and the next year took the plunge as a mail order business. Talbots has always sold the classics and this commitment has garnished live long customers.  I can recall my mother taking my grandmother shopping many times to fill her closet with staples and years later as I find staples are the corner stone of any good closet I find myself gravitating towards Talbots as well.  While there are plenty of items the store sells that aren't me, there are also a number of things I love as well. 

With their 70th year beginning they clearly know what they are doing.  With a list of ten Talbots Classics they are stocking closets the classic way one piece at a time.  For this classic prep I am drawn to their amazing white shirts, perfect fitting cashmere sweaters, and shoes that not only last the test of time but look good doing it. 

Recently while flipping through my new catalog I spotted these new jeans.  I love the Girlfriend fit, they are very comfortable and incredible flattering.  The red and blue stripe ribbon inside the waistband is so me and the patch on the leg makes it even preppier than I could ask for.  They feel so old school Ralph Lauren, which makes them ideal in my book. They are perfect for fall and I could not love them more. Now if the weather would just cool off and I could pair them with a sweater!

These jeans definitely will be a classic staple in my closet, joining all my other Talbots pieces.  I have gathered a bunch of my current favorites for you below, each one of them truly timeless.

Congratulations  to Talbots for 70 solid years ... and here's to 70 more!! 🎉

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