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My Favorite Travel Hack

I really love to travel, and more than that, I love to pack to travel.  I get really excited and pack at least a week in advance to make sure I have everything laid out that I need and want.  I think it builds excitement for me, which just makes it so much more fun.  When I was traveling this summer I needed a new bag for my liquids on the plane.  We were not checking bags and I wanted something that would be better than a quart Ziploc and hold up better than my drug store hack I thought was working for me.  I stumbled onto the best product which I think I may have shared in on my Instastories but didn't really share with you.

We are going to rectify that right now. 

There are so many things I love about my Truffle bag.  I purchased the Clarity Small Pouch in blossom rose (aka ~ pink!) and the cleaning kit to keep it clean and shiny just in case something leaks inside. I can't tell you how much I really love this little bag.  I have used it on every single trip I have been on since it arrived, including those that don't require flying.  At the beach I used it in my beach bag for sunscreen, and recently to Helen I used it for all my basics since that is all I took with me.  It is officially what I consider to be a travel essential. 

And while we are talking about essentials, I am really addicted to my beauty routine, so it is not something I feel like I can skip, even for a day or two. Yesterday on stories I shared my new nightly routine which consists of washing my face, either with cleanser or wipes, and then using the Overnight Resurfacing Peel + Plumping Oil + Lip Conditioner.  I love waking up knowing I have given my skin a treat the night before so it is in its absolute best shape in the morning. 

I am so pleased with my small pouch that I have a few other bags on my radar ... including this one for makeup while I travel.  I love that it opens flat so you can keep all your goodies safe without them spilling out.  I also really like this one for jewelry, and of course, I love that they all match.  It feeds my need to be organized. 

I have four trips this month, so I can promise you I will be showing you more of my favorite Truffle bag and anything else I purchase.   It is my few favorite travel accessory that has joined a growing list of things I think making travel so much easier.  And, who doesn't want to make traveling better or more efficient. 

I have linked all my travel essentials for you below, they all make travel so much easier!

Happy Thursday!

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