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12 Happies Du Jour

Happiest of Tuesdays to you!!   I hope your week is off to an amazing start and you are starting this day fully caffeinated and ready to take on the world. The weather has been super cloudy as we are preparing for some winter weather, but it was gorgeous and sunny on Saturday and we loved every single second!  It was super cold so I wore my favorite pale pink sweater + white jeans + my new loafers.  The perfect outfit for a sunny day!

I purchased a few things to help organize my closet and I added them to my Amazon shopping list.  You can find them under Household Products.  I purchased hangers (to replace my wire ones which are so bad), a sweater organizer to organize my heels and some dividers for items on my shelves.  The dividers are perfect for organizing bags.

I bought these earrings yesterday and I think they are truly perfect for next month, don't you?

This news has me with all the feelings.  Will my favorite retailer change, what will the clothes look like, and most of all, can we just go back to the days of Mickey + Jenna Lyons, please + thank you. 

Have you followed my new clean living account?  I am really loving the opportunity to share with all separate from my regular account.  You are asking such great questions ... keep them coming.  As I am answering them I am sharing since I am sure more than one of you has the same question.  I would love for you to follow along.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a great post on using Beautycounter.  She breaks it down for you and shares why she loves the products so very much.  I really loved reading her thoughts.  And if Grace isn't on your blogger or Instagram radar she needs to be.  Ps, isn't she gorgeous?

We spent Saturday night in Blue Ridge with my brother and sister in law and, as always, had the best time.  I love watching the Hubs with his youngest brother.  They are a mess!  While we were there we attended a play at the Blue Ridge Community Theater to see Mary Poppins.  It was sooo good and I highly recommend you see a show if you are in the area for vacation or decided to pop up from the city for the day and evening.  We absolutely loved it!

It is officially 7 days from the 2019 Southern C Summit and I need to start packing and pulling clothes.  Lucky for me I purged and completely organized my closet last week and I am truly loving all the changes I made.  I parted with so many clothes that I had been holding on to for way too long and the result is a compilation of clothes I am super excited about and love to wear.  Although I am not purchasing a lot before Summit, I am grabbing a few things which I have added below.  All of which are pieces I know I will wear time and time again so it is a good investment for me.

I added my favorite coffee pod to my Amazon shopping list.  This is the best coffee + the container is recyclable, which is a major win, win!

I spotted my favorite sandal in a new color and I love them! 

My friend Heather introduced me to a new (to me) coffee shop and I am so thankful. I really love coffee shops and so wish we had one or two in Marietta close to us and we just don't.  The Read Shop in Vinings Jubilee is so fabulous and is filled with so many incredible books to purchase.  A yummy almond milk latte + a good coffee table book?  Umm ... yes please!!

I absolutely love my new bracelet stack and highly recommend you check them out.  They weigh nothing, are waterproof so you can put them on and leave them on, and I love the way they look!

Do you know about the Focus feature on Instastories?  If you don't you will want to check it out for sure!!

I hope y'all have the best day!!

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