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All The Pink Please

February 1 is inching closer and closer and I must share that I absolutely love February.  I think I have mentioned it before over the years, but it is one of my favorite months.  It is nice and short, the weather is beginning to show signs of spring, and of course, I feel like it is the month of love.  We all need more love in our lives, don't you agree?

My husband and I don't really exchange gifts for Valentines Day, just cards and dinner together, but I do shower my friends with happies and I love to make Valentines for the kid's friends and precious teachers.  Yes they are in middle and high school but everyone loves a funny pun + a sweet treat.  Sometimes it may just be a bag of popcorn mixed with pretzels and holiday chocolate but it will still have a "punny" tag.  Everyone loves it.

One thing I always commit to is to wear all my pink all month long.  Pink shoes, pink earrings, pink sweaters, pink gingham, pink Tretorns ... I am telling you I wear it on repeat all month long and I love it.  I have gathered some darling pink for you to add to your wardrobe rotation and some great pink gifts for you to hint to your sweetie that you would love to have for Valentines.  If I was choosing some happies for myself it would be ... these scrunchies, these leggings, this darling top and these shoes.  Aren't those shoes darling?!!

So many people ask me about my pink lips, including the lipstick + gloss I am wearing in this photo, and my go to is Poppy lipstick + Peony gloss from Beautycounter. I am really excited to share Beautycounter is having so many fun monthly promotions.  Each month we are focusing on one thing with the goal being going clean in 2019.   Basically the same commitment I have made for my family, so of course I am really excited to share. For February we are talking about Flawless in Five which is what I use every single day.  Six products that ensure you are flawless and ready for the day in five minutes.  Does it get any better? Six products that you get to customize to your liking, and you can even choose my favorite lipstick to add.  You get foundation + concealer + brow pencil + mascara + blush + lip gloss for $150 and they are luxury beauty products that are completely safe.  I can't imagine a better gift for yourself!  ❤

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, it will be pink roses all month and the tables will look something like this ...

And I could not be happier!

Happy Monday to you all! 

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