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My Favorite Glass

I have told you before in this post that I love Opaline blue glass.  I think it is the most gorgeous blue and pairs with so many of my antique and vintage dishes.  This summer I added six glasses to my collection and yesterday I added another champagne glass. Little by little I am adding to my ever growing collection.  I really just love this glasses and my heart skips a beat when I spot one while I am out and about.

Eddie Ross

Every once in a while I pop onto my favorite online antique sources and check to see if their are any great pieces at a price I am willing to spend and yesterday when I got on I could not believe my luck.  There was so much and not only glassware but also some stunning vases and bottles. I collected so many of the listings for you to check out just in case you love the stunning blue color just like I do. Most of the items below are such great pieces and the prices were really reasonable, like this set of eight glasses!  So good to get a set of eight all together. I think my new favorite pieces are the vases with the stunning cameos, I have never seen them before and now I am completely fascinated by them. This one + this one are on my wish list. And these bottles ... do you not love the details?  So, so pretty.

Here is hoping your first day back at work is gentle to you ... drink lots of coffee to help you along!! 

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