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Introducing Weezie Towels

I will be very honest, when Weezie Towels first emailed me I was oblivious that this company selling these luxury monogram towels existed.  After finding their website I immediately spend more time than I should admit to researching the company and reading about every single product they sell.  I can easily do that, go down a rabbit hole of something I like and then have spent so much time learning all I can.  After emailing back with way too many exclamation points and most likely my message in all caps I was set.

Weezie Towels sells the most amazing and luxurious towels.  I do not know how better to describe them.  When they arrived I was more than excited to just get them out of the box and just squeeze them.  They are plush, very large and have quickly become my favorite towel.  I ordered them originally for our guest bathroom, but I need to order more to stay in that bathroom as I want to steal these for myself.  My husband probably needs a set too as I have not shared one single bit.  #stingy

The company boasts of selling the perfect towel and I have to agree with them. They have partnered with a family owned factory in Portugal to produce what they consider to be the best towel on the market.  Once again, I need to agree with them.  They are lush, large, soft, and quite possibly the coziest thing I have ever felt.  They have a number of size options, I ordered the bath sheet with light blue piping.

Can they now make pajamas as well?  

What I may love most about Weezie is the towel is just the beginning.  After choosing the towel you want  then you get to design it.  With six different piping options and five monogram choices you can create the towel you wish to own.  I was basically giddy choosing my monogram design.  Since we have a number of monogram styles in the house I chose the Prince style to create something a little different for us.  I matched the monogram with the stunning light blue piping since I chose these towels to live in the guest bathroom.  (See why I am struggling to keep them in my bathroom?)

I also ordered a set of makeup towels, one for me and one for the guest bathroom, to help with makeup removal.  I had previously been using a white wash cloth to help with the mascara and eyeliner stains but these towels are ideal.  Not only do they not show anything but wiping your face with this amazing softness has made my evening routine even more special.  I recommend you snag a set of these as well, and even better, snag a set for a gift for someone special.  They will so love you for the gift.

Here is the bottom line.  A lot of companies claim to be the best at what they do, and honestly they should make those claims.  Remember the diner in Elf claiming to serve the "world's best coffee"?  ☕🤣Well, after ordering, receiving, and using Weezie Towels I can tell you hands down, these are the most perfect towel and quite possibly the best on the market.  I can give you my word on that ... they are fabulous!!

To order a set for yourself visit their website and get the process started.  You should also follow them on Instagram to make sure you get to see all the amazing combinations people choose.  I truly love ours but I think when I order again I may order a set with pink piping and just my name in lower case.  Wouldn't that be just darling to wrap yourself in after a long soak in the tub? 

I just added a tub soak to today's to do list.  Have the best day!

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