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Towels For Mom

When I was asked what I wanted for Mother's Day I quickly responded with three things ... my porch cleaned for summer, my car detailed (it has pollen in every crevice), and new monogram towels.  As you can see I am a person who prefers things done for her versus gifts on Mother's Day, but who can resist a set of Weezie Towels

I gushed all about my admiration for Weezie in this post when we ordered a set of towels for our guest bathroom.  I loved them from the moment I opened the box.  I can not say enough amazing things about these towels, but I can surely try.

First of all, they are soft and incredibly plush. Second, they are crafted to be extremely absorbent meaning you will actually be dry and your floors will be as well.  These towels can absorb up to a liter in just seconds.  Next, they have rounded corners and are made of the best cotton, 100% long staple cotton. And last, the monogram styles along with the darling trim is just the icing on the perfect towel cake. 

These towels are simply perfect to give for Mother's Day.  Whether you are hinting to your someone special that you want them or you are ordering them for your mother, you need to order them.  I can not tell you how fabulous they are, you need to feel them for yourself.  I would recommend you order a set ... two bath towels and two hand towels. You can even play around with the monograms, as I have here, choosing one monogram for the bath towels and another for the hand towels. I love that my bath towels are so traditional and the hand towels have a little something fun, just my name.  

The towels come in a darling box with beautiful tissue.  This isn't the box they came in, this one is getting wrapped for Mother's Day as I have to wait to use them.  Lawyer prefers I order what I tell him so the details are the way they need to be.  He is not a gentleman who likes to mess things up so we decided long ago this works for us.  I will wrap it and he will add the card and I will be thrilled to open it. Marriage is a compromise and this one suits me just fine. 💗

Go ahead and place your order, Mother's Day will be here so very soon.  She will be so thrilled to have her own Weezie Towels and the smiles and hugs will show it.  These towels are hands down the best on the market. 

Pinky swear ...

Happy Wednesday!

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