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Introducing The Summer Style Collection

It's here, it's really here.  You know when you work on a project for months and then the day comes when you can finally tell the world, well today is that day.  I relate a launch to Christmas morning, so much excitement!!  I have paired up with two of my favorite brands and friends to collaborate on a fun summer pairing. Hazen & Co. (I 💙 Taylor) + Elizabeth Wilson Designs (Elizabeth is the sweetest!!) and I have created two pairings for you I know you will love and are perfect for all your summer outfits.  Introducing ... the Summer Style Collection. 

The collection includes one adorable EWD blue gingham twilly in the most perfect hydrangea blue along with one of two pairs of earrings, one larger than the other, but both amazing.  I am thrilled to introduce you to Summer Style with Paige Minear.  It may have my name on it, but the talent and creativity was perfectly split between all three of us and all of Taylor's incredible team.  We have had the best time working on this, and honestly, I will be sad when all the creative calls and texts are done.  I adore these girls and anything that I can work on that feeds my creative side makes me very, very happy. 

I am so excited about this collaboration for two reasons.  One, I love these women, they are so kind, lovely, precious and so very talented.  Second, I got to assist in the design of something I wanted to wear.  I love a scarf tied in my hair, on my bag and on my wrist and gingham is basically my favorite pattern in all the world. I think there is a small selection of amazing blue + white earrings on the market so we created two darling options.  The larger earring, Kate, is a beautiful flower made of mother of pearl stones with a fabulous blue lava bead and darling gold details.  We also designed the smaller option, Hollis, which is perfect for a more subtle look or if you prefer a smaller earring.  It also is made of a mother of pearl flower + lava bead but on a smaller scale. I love both of them and have worn both and I can tell you they are perfect.

I know I am biased but I also speak the truth.  You will love these!

Anna Grace loves the Hollis!

That Twilly ... I just love it so much.  I will be wearing it on repeat every single day, the color is perfect.

Don't you love the pieces paired together, I am completely obsessed with them.  I know that is a big word, but it is so fitting.  I can tell you these earrings will be my new go to, and they will be perfect for all things spring and summer.  It elevates a white top or white dress instantly and matches so well with all of your colored items.  Taylor paired hers with a white top and blue shorts and I paired mine with one of my favorite yellow striped dress from August Morgan.  I love it with both ... so much!

Isn't this the most amazing pair of earrings, the details are just so perfect! Kate may have my heart.

When we named the earrings it took me less than five minutes to settle ... as Kate + Hollis are two of my favorite names in the world.  Hollis is the name of my oldest and dearest friend who has always gone by the name Holly, but her given name is so beautiful.  When my baby girl was born 14 years ago we used it for her middle name.  And Kate ... for years this was the name that would appear on my coffee order.  I would stand there waiting for them to call Paige and Kate's coffee would be getting cold.  I soon recognized maybe I should speak clearer when ordering.  Kate will always be my favorite coffee name. 💙☕

There are a limited number of sets, so you will want to shop quickly!  If you want the set with the larger earring, Kate, you can shop here and if you want the set with the smaller earring, Hollis, you can shop here.  Both sets include the same Twilly, the earrings are the only difference.

To celebrate this very fun launch my cute side kick and I are heading to Dallas for two events at Hazen & Co. You can sign up for the Thursday evening event online at Hazen & Co. and make sure you come back Friday to shop with me and August Morgan.  We are so very happy to be heading to Texas!!

Cheers to the best Monday, maybe ever!! 

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