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Getting Organized With Giddy Paperie

My children start school on Thursday and I am trying my best to be ready for all the paper that comes my way.  Even with our oldest in college I still get quite a bit of mail and I need to keep all of the important papers together since he lives outside our house.  It is always a pile of insurance documents, school documents, and the like. I love to be organized, really organized and nothing makes me feel more out of control than any pile of papers or mail.  I always have a system or two in place to keep all of their schedules and papers in order and this year I am using file folders to keep all their most important documents together and organized. 

Giddy Paperie released the prettiest Shelly Folders in perfect timing for my organization project.  I always look forward to anything Leslie paints and these file folders are both beautiful and super functional.  I have one set of three since I need one for each of the children. I labeled each of them with their initials and then set them on the side of my desk for the first couple of weeks of school when the most paperwork seems to appear. 

I am set up and ready for all the syllabi, sports and drama schedules, and even graduation paperwork coming.  Even though I am not ready to think about the two graduations coming my way I will have a spot to lay the papers for a time I am ready to process them. 😉

This set of file folders is just one of many designs coming to Giddy Paperie ... more to come in the fall. I love the design, all the stunning blue and white shells allow me to think of something so beautiful instead of the dread of a new year.  I so dread it, another year means one year closer to them all being out of the house. 

I may be trying hard to avoid Thursday when they are back at school, but at the same time I am prepared for the inevitable.  Being prepared for all the papers and crazy will help me feel more in control when I am anything but. 

Aren't they just so pretty?

You can order the Shelly Folders on the website ... and stay tuned for more products and patterns.  Every single think Leslie paints makes me oh so happy.

Even, just maybe, back to school papers!

Happy Monday!

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