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What Is Selling Fast From The Nordstrom Sale

Today the Nordstrom Sale is now live to the public even though card holders have been able to shop for about a week. I posted my choices in this post and I am back today to let you know what sold from my list, what is really popular and what may or may not be a great deal.  I am just like everyone else, and when I spot a sale I really want to check it out.  This sale was no different even though I didn't need anything specific from the sale.  The more I looked at my list I realized there were three things I wanted to buy and I grabbed those immediately.  The sale is good, really good, but things sell out really fast.  There are some things that interest me, others (like sweaters and jackets) I can't possibly think about right now, and others that don't fit my needs or style at all.  It can be tough for me to make wise choices, but after cleaning out my closet time and time again I realized I need so little and just need to be really particular when I buy things.  I see so much good stuff and it is hard not to just buy it all, but no one needs that kind of inventory in their closet.

I posted this list of things last week and I stand behind my choices.  Out of the items I chose, the item that sold the most was this bralette from Spanx.  It is the best purchase I have made and need to go back and get a second one.  You guys have flipped over it, as you should, its that good.  The second most popular item was a toss up between this pair of slippers and this pair of pants.  I chose the slippers and Anna Grace chose the pants.  I think she may be winning in sales, but they are both great items!! 😉 I found myself in need of some comfort clothes in two weeks and the bralette + the slippers will be on repeat for sure.

Oh, and for the image above ... anyone else love Nordstrom sunnies?

In addition to the items I posted the first time I have picked a few more that are all very popular and amazing deals ... you can check them out below.   I recommend this pair of loafers (so cute), this very popular comfy cardigan ($40 off), and this pair of leggings all my friends swear by.

Have the best Friday!!

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