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Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Could there be a better National day of celebration?  I love ice cream, but doesn't every one? There is just something magical about a little cone of this magical frozen treat. I made my first batch of homemade ice cream in May and have been making in on repeat ever since.  I love my ice cream maker and I can't believe how easy it is to make.  I sort of feel like I mastered something magical being able to make it at home, like maybe it makes me a super fabulous summer mama.  Silly ... but true.

I use this ice cream maker, this starter kit when I am in a pinch, this container for storage and all the Jackson Morgan Southern Cream flavors for mix ins and sauce.  I am partial to the Brown Sugar + Salted Caramel ... but they are all really good.

Since tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day I suggest you make some for your family and most definitely for you as well.  It is so easy ... and so yummy!!

You can read the full dessert party blog post here for all the recipes we made and for this one I made Orange Vanilla.  It was so pretty and so delish!

Happy Saturday ...

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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