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The College Look Edit

Oh, my darling assistant just gets better every single week.  I swear she is not only the cutest thing on the planet, but has a heart of pure gold and has such a love for Jesus.  I love every single summer when the door opens at 9:30 and her voice says ... "good morning".  I also love catching her singing while she works as she has the voice of a true angel. This summer she was so focused on her wardrobe and styled herself into some darling outfits, it was so fun to see this side of her truly blossom.  This post is all about her own style and some students who have seen her incredible talent and have asked for her help.  

Can you love it more??  Here is Anna Grace back with another series of Edits and this one is all about her own style!

image by @kenleighmccart

So I thought I would let you guys know how I apply all of this style inspiration from my posts in these past weeks. In high school, I would walk into class overdressed and feeling fantastic about it! Now at my university, people love dressing up for class so I'm not the only one walking in with some extra outfit with shiny sneakers and a crisp button up shirt. My favorite pass time is styling outfits not only for myself but also for my classmates. Speaking of those, my girl Kenleigh offered to photograph some of my outfits and it's always fun to have a girlfriend photograph you. The whole time she just hyped me up and made me giggle a whole bunch. 

P.S. In a lot of these photos I have my all time favorite backpack. I get a million compliments on it and I just keep telling them my friend Madeline makes them and they are the best of the best! 

So please enjoy a mass collection of my favorite outfits I've styled and worn at school. Oh and at the bottom I have a surprise! 

image by @kenleighmccart

Okay it was my first week back from my summer break and my friend Jake came up to me and asked me to do him such a fun favor! He had known me since the first night of college our freshman year and I guess he liked my style. He ended up asking me if I would be down to style outfits for him. Of course my answer was yes! College guy style is a little funky but I think it's so fun. I had to call Paige to tell her and she told me I needed to write about it. So here I am, writing about me styling outfits for my classmates. And I love it. A week later I ended up sending him five outfits with attached links for him to shop and he was all for it. He already had some pieces I had linked which was cool. 

The first photo is Jake and the second is his friend Zac ... they may or may not have stepped out of class to do this for me (hehe)! The third photo is my pal Chris who may love fashion just as much as I do so I had to include him in here. The fourth is my next door neighbor, Elloa, who asked me to style her in an interview outfit. I pulled pieces from my closet and put together this little ensemble! The fifth is my friend Elijah who was rocking some pale purple and his skateboard.

These are some outfits I styled for Jake and for some girlfriends of mine ...

image by @kenleighmccart

Thank y'all for your support of my little series. It has been a blast and a half being able to write about fashion and chatting with y'all about it over social media. Let me know which Edit was your favorite in the comments below!

xo, AG


  1. Dear Paige, Cute and much needed post for college kids. Thank goodness my kiddos are way pass that age. Enjoy your blog so much. I miss the southeast but you bring it to Texas with your blog
    Just wanted to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving. Yall have been through so much this year.
    God Bless. Martha in TX

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoy the post and I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving as well xoxo



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