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Lavender Latte

I think my first coffee shop experience was years ago with my Nana when we stopped in after Christmas shopping and I ordered a tall mocha.  At that time I was in college and I was not really able to drink espresso without the extra added chocolate ... but thank goodness I have grown up and don't need so much sugar in my coffee drinks.  For me sitting in a coffee shop and ordering a fancy latte in a hot mug is such a special treat and takes me right back to my time with my grandmother.  One of my favorite things to order is a lavender latte.  It is light, aromatic and the perfect amount of flavor for me.

When I visited my friend Libbie Summers at the Country Living Country Fair in late October she had a container of lavender sugar I was dying to try.  I snagged two of them along with some amazing aprons for gifts (you must check them out!!) and my instantly went to a homemade lavender latte.  I don't know why I get so intimidated with the thought of developing recipes but if it involves a drink of any kind I am all in.  Maybe it is because I am the one drinking it and I am not feeding my family a meal ... I will have to think more on this subject.  I can definitely tell you I have mastered the lavender latte and I am most definitely making these for myself almost every single afternoon.

When I purchased the lavender sugar Libbie told me to process it together in the food processor before using.  I will be honest and share that we don't own one so I had to ask my cute photographer to bring hers over and then also show me how to use it.  When she told me all she uses hers for I immediately added it to my wish list.  She is an incredible cook so I knew she would have one I could borrow, and I was correct.  I followed Libbie's directions and processed the sugar so the lavender was ready to use.  It smelled like heaven in my kitchen and was so aromatic when I was ready to sprinkle it on top.  She told me to use it sparingly to keep the flavor light and to avoid any flavor of grandma's soap which can happen when you use too much.  I would heed her warning ... any flavor of grandma's soap in your food or drink would be highly undesirable.

We have a Nespresso machine but you could also use a strong roast coffee if espresso isn't your thing.  I highly recommend purchasing a milk frother ... it will take your coffee and espresso drinks to the next level for sure.  You can use any sort of milk you wish, for me it varies between almond milk, oat milk and skim milk depending on what we have in the house.   I prefer oak milk but I we were out so I used almond milk for this drink.

To make a lavender latte you will need a shot of espresso or a cup of strong coffee, steamed milk and one pump of lavender syrup.  You can most definitely add more to taste, I prefer one pump of anything I add.  I put my syrup in the cup first and then brew the espresso which mixes the two together perfectly.  I then froth my milk and four it in making sure I get it all the foam as well.  I sprinkled the top of my drink with a few pinches of lavender sugar and it was ready to enjoy.

Lattes don't need pink marshmallows but this one did the day I drank it.  Libbie gifted me a darling white linen latte kitchen towel for me to share with a follower (check today's Instagram post!) and I knew it would be adorable with pink marshmallows so a few may have been eaten during the shoot.  They are truly so delish and who can resist a pink striped marshmallow.

I am thrilled I can now make one of my favorite coffee house treats at home.  I also love that one of my children loves lattes as well so maybe I can make one for both of us as a treat.  He prefers vanilla ... but maybe he will love lavender as well.

Cheers to sweet memories, amazing coffee shops and making the best lavender latte at home! 💜

Images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. I have made lavender cookies, lavender lemonade and lavender pound cake but never lavender lattes. I will have to try it.

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  3. looks delicious. i have to know though, where the teacup & saucer came from. I LOVE THOSE! please let me know.



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