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Collecting Nutcrackers

I think I have mentioned before that we have collected one nutcracker for every single year we have been married. I am not sure how it started or which one of us gave the first one but it became a tradition and I really love it. Some of the ones we own are new, some are vintage, and all of them are special to both of us.  After I posted a few photos I got a couple of emails asking for sources and tips on collecting and I figured it was the perfect subject for a blog post.

What I think is the most fun is finding an antique one in a fun antique store just at the time where I am thinking I need to start the hunt for one for the current year.  This year's nutcracker was a Homegoods find and includes a pup, can you even?, and may be one of my favorite so far!  🎅 Last year Nathan gifted me the countdown Nutcracker which is sitting on our hot cocoa bar this year ... and I have really loved changing out the blocks each morning with my coffee.  That one was a Target find for him.

I  can't say I have a favorite ... each of them are special and unique ... but I will say I am more partial to the older ones than new and the ones wearing plaid are truly so precious.  I have gathered a number of them below for you to check out.  If you have a collection and want to add to it I hope you find some special ones in this grouping and if you want to start one I think any of these are really special.

Happy Thursday!

Images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. My parents started me off many years ago when I received a German nutcracker in the form of a chimney sweep. It snowballed from there. I must have about 40-45 German nutcrackers and then more of the none German made ones. My husband continued to enable me. Most of our years married (just celebrated #21) I have received a nutcracker for Christmas.
    We know when the Christmas season is starting in our home--I bring the nutcrackers out of storage and my husband puts them up on a ledge overlooking the main room downstairs. We have more than will fit on the ledge so they are located in other parts of the room. It just lends a festive look to the room.

    What a wonderful array of nutcrackers you have.

  2. Paige, I pinned the first image. I would love to find a plaid nutcracker! I don't think I've ever seen one. For years, when I was first teaching, my teaching cohart gave me a nutcracker every Christmas. I had quite a collection and always displayed them together at Christmas. It was a fun collection to play with. I eventually gave my collection to one of my nieces who danced and loved the Nutcracker Ballet. The only one I kept was one my mother had brought me from a trip to Germany. This year, I bought a MacKenzie-Childs nutcracker, so perhaps I'm on the road to starting a new nutcracker collection. Ha! Ha! If so, they will be selected with purpose! Thanks for sharing this post! Your collection sounds fun. How and where do you display them? Merry Christmas!



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