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All The Hearts For Weezie Towels

I have been using Weezie Towels for about a year now and I can tell you once you use them you can instantly tell a difference between your old towels and your Weezie ones.  I love my Weezie towels and how soft and luxurious they are.  I use them regularly and even though we have two sets I get a little grumpy when I see someone else in the house with one of my towels.  I know, not so nice, but I am just being very honest.  They are that good.  I am super excited to share with you a new limited edition design for Valentines Day that can be ordered immediately ... the darling heart icon. 

So basically I am sharing an amazing towel and telling you it can also be ordered with a heart ... is there anything better I could tell you?  Maybe even gift a set of makeup towels ... keep reading!

I am so excited to share this timely news with you as I think the heart is truly the cutest little addition to my favorite towels.  You can use the heart for so many things.  I love it on your guest towels to let them know they are loved and treasured, on your children's towels to show how precious they are, on your hand towels in the powder room, and, of course, on your own towels as they are such a gift you can give to yourself.

I own the makeup towels with the darling pink hearts and have already used them daily.  I swear by these towels to help me wash my face at night and get all the traces of the day removed.  I pair it with my favorite cleansing oil and the two make sure I am makeup and dirt free before applying my night routine and heading to bed.  I use the loop on the towel to hang it on my drawer knob and it dries perfectly overnight and is ready for me to use again the next day.  I do use my towels a few times before washing as Weezie recommends. 

How adorable would the white ones be with the perfect blue trim and blue hearts?  I love this idea for our guest bathroom which already has the blue and white towels.  I really think the hand towels with hearts would be such a great way to welcome a treasured guest.  They would notice the hearts right away, don't you think?

Weezie shared an extra set with me to gift to one lucky reader ... pop over to my Instagram and like and and comment on today's post to be entered to win.  They are truly the best towels and if you have not tried them before you are in for such a true treat.

Happy Thursday!  💙

Images by Angie Webb Creative



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