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Do You Summit?

I truly can not believe it is almost Summit time .... its just shy of a month away.  As you have heard me chat many times, The Southern C Summit is my very favorite conference.  I have been going consistently for years and did not even skip when the times were stressful at home because it feeds me so very much.  I am thrilled this year to be heading out again in mere weeks for another amazing packed few days of connecting, collaborating, and creating! 

Have you ever been?  Are you on the fence about it?  I am here to tell you it is a great commitment to yourself and your business.  I always leave with a good four to six months of creative ideas and inspiration not to mention a list of fun people to collaborate with.  Last year sparked two trips plus a number of amazing connections, blog posts, and incredible opportunities for me.  I can not say enough to convince you that this is a great investment for you.

If you have never been and are nervous to go let me reassure you not to be.  There are so many first timers and every single person there is so open and ready to work together and the air just oozes with connection.  It is a very inclusive atmosphere and you will not for one second feel off and strange for being new to the group.  I have been that girl before and I get those feelings, but this is not the place for that.  One of my favorite things about this conference is how open people are to meeting you and to working together.  You can find collaborations with so many from small companies to PR companies to editors of magazines.  It is a truly special place.  I have met and worked with so many fabulous people and last year included collaborating with and growing relationships with so many including Callie's Biscuits (Carrie Morey), Hoffman Media (Brian Hoffman), Lilly Pulitzer (not at Summit but found me due to a trip planned with other attendees), Jane Allen Designs ... and so many more.  I promise you it is a fabulous experience and worth every single cent.

There are only a small number of tickets left so you will want to make sure you decide quickly.  If you are going send me a DM, email or comment and let me know to look for you.  I am so excited to be going and I am ready for a year filled with creativity and inspiration. 

Oh, and if you are going you will want to hear this amazing news!!  My beloved photographer Angie is attending and offering private sessions while she is there.  I can not tell you how much I adore Angie and how she has helped me grow this past year. We met the first day of Summit last year when I talked about needing a new photographer and immediately clicked.  It has been one of the best collaborations for me and we have grown so much together.  Here is the link to her announcement and some times to book with her.  I would recommend using your time on the island wisely, I always shoot extra content and connect with others while I am there to make sure I take advantage of the incredible backdrop that is Sea Island. 

Don't hesitate to snag those tickets ... they are going fast and I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Happiest Fridays to you!  ❤

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