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Intentional Mornings + Linen Pajamas

This year I have choose to be incredibly intentional in every single thing I do.  I know that sounds simple but for me and last year it is so much deeper. I always choose a word for the year and this year I was very specific about my word and what I wanted my days and year to look like.  I want it to be full of purpose, deeper in both relationships and personal, and very specific about what I do and purchase for our home and my closet.  I don't think I have made bad decisions that need to be changed, but I do think living my days with purpose and intention will be so good for me and my life.

One of the things I have decided to do is start my mornings with a quiet time, good coffee, my calendar, and lounging in my new favorite pajamas.  I know it sounds silly that I just said I was going to be more intentional and then mentioned I got new pajamas but they really do go together.  For me pajamas are a luxury item as they are so relaxing and comfortable and getting up in the morning getting the day started with good pajamas is a major treat. I was recently introduced to Serena & Lilly Positano Linen Pajamas and I do not know where I have been that I missed the idea of linen pajamas.  I would have told you that linen would not be for me as I seem to gravitate toward flannel and soft cotton. And then I was introduced to European Linen and my life changed.

I know that seems dramatic ... but I promise its not.

One of the things I have done so far is purge my extensive collection of pajamas since a lot of them were worn out and too small or just bringing me zero joy.  I sound very Marie Kondo, but you know what I am saying. They were not getting worn simply because they were not providing me joy or comfort.  I even had one pair of them that I wore repeatedly in the hospital and those were not joyful at all so they were at the top of the pile.  So as I am doing this I learn about Serena & Lily's pajama collection and I am completely intrigued.  Every single thing we own from S & L is so well made, so fabulous and has added so much to our home and life and I was excited to try them.  They arrived, I tried them on, I was hooked ... end of story.

Well, sort of ...

As I have been so focused on starting the routine of my morning quiet time I found myself wanting to put on these new pajamas regularly to have them for my time in the morning more and more. I truly can not get enough of them.  I own the french blue (the most beautiful color) and I have the pink (Wild Rose) on my wish list for the next pair as they are truly so very comfortable.

I admit I did not understand the draw of linen pajamas until now.  I knew linen kept you cool in the summer but I was unaware that it kept you warm in the winter as well.  This pair is truly the most beautiful blue and is soft now but will get softer with every single wash.  They are eco-friendly European Linen from Portugal and are really so comfortable and easy to wear.  You can most definitely call me a linen pajama addict even in the short time I have owned this pair.  I should have realized sooner that a company I love and support would sell the most amazing pajamas but, alas, I missed that little detail.  Working with Serena & Lily this past year and understanding their motto of "living well begins at home" has really been so good for me and my home.  The pieces I own have transformed our spaces into comfortable, classic, and truly just such pretty spaces.  I realize that adding pillows and a throw to a room seems simple but yet the simple things really do add so much.

So my morning routine ... an extra cup of coffee, some relaxing music, my happy place on the porch, my calendar and a to do list, and just some time to be alone, centered and ready for the day.  It may be the best gift I have given myself in a super long time.

The last few mornings have been so chilly so I carried out a throw and my favorite pillow from the den to be as cozy as I can while I am having this time of quiet.  It has been pure bliss and I have found starting the mornings more intentionally sets me up for the best day ever.  Cozy pajamas + a good pillow + a great throw blanket + good coffee will set you up for success every single time. 💙

Happy Wednesday ... cheers to linen pajamas and living intentionally!

This post is sponsored by Serena & Lily but as always the thoughts, opinions and all creative content are my own. 

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