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Swapping Out The Old

It's that time of year that can be very awkward, the after holidays and January time when we never really know what to wear, how to put back our furniture and how to accessorize our home.  I know I am not the only one who feels it but when the tree is gone and the holiday plaids are put away ... what do we do to make our homes and selves "right" for this time of year.  I even noticed as I was putting the tree away that my furniture placement might need some fluffing.  I always seem to move things around after the holiday decor is put away and I feel the need to change up our house.  And then what to wear ... do I use my new leggings and pullovers as a uniform or actually get dressed in something "real" to tackle the days. There are so many questions.

When I worked at the Gap in college the transition shipment for January was always navy and white and I still gravitate to that palette.  It seems a clean, classic color combination that you can add any single color to and make it work. I have noticed more and more over the years that I seem to gravitate more and more to blues and navy and I don't dislike it one single bit.  I love how green and blues have given our home balance to work with all the other colors and patterns I choose.  Even when antiquing this weekend I noticed how drawn I am to blue items.  It just seems to be my go to and I am really good with it.

So with all of that being said I am currently moving around furniture, changing up my bookcases some, changing out pillows, trading out trays and switching out some of my art for other pieces we own.  So basically, the home is getting some fluff.  It is really the perfect time of the year to do it.  It started with moving a Christmas tree and then spurned into so much more, just as it always does.  I got some darling new things for Christmas I wanted to mix in and then I had to pull some things and then the juggle began. Honestly I think it is so very fun.  So far these pillows (24 inch square, color Harbour) were added to the sofa along with this amazing cashmere throw and now I am working on changing up the coffee table.  Who knows how it will all end ... but I am sure loving the process.

I pulled some fun pieces I have been looking at to share with you.  All great ways to add some blue + white, florals, and fun pieces to your home.   I have so many of the blue and white porcelain pieces and they are really so very good.  And the pillows ... so pretty and perfect for all colors and decor themes. 

I will update you when I am done fluffing and changing .... isn't it just so fun? I am really loving these new lamps, I think they would be a fun change out for the lamps in our den.  I also love this lemon tree and love it in this pot.  Wouldn't it be so good in the corner of the den to add some great color this time of the year?  I do love citrus!! Oh, and for the answer to what I am wearing when I get dressed, I am on a sweater, jeans, and sneaks on repeat right now.  Our weather has been so rainy and yuck and I feel so warm.  Plus, its the best option for moving furniture!  💙

Happy Monday!

Images by Christina Wedge with the exception of photo number 3 by Angie Webb Creative

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  1. Paige, can you share where you got the acrylic stand holding your notepads in the first picture?



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