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2019 In Review

Wow, 2019 was a full year, both personally and professionally, and all in all a great one.  Although it was the hardest year I have ever had personally it was also the best year for the blog and me professionally.  I think the way they work together is so beautiful, as I relied on the blog to carry itself for the third quarter of the year so much and I can not tell you how pleased I was when things worked out so well.  I basically had to close my computer and step away from it for more than two months and yet it was still an amazing year for me.  That ... and you all ... is so incredible.

As I was preparing this post I discovered such great information which I am excited to share with you.  This blog is celebrating its 10th year in May and I am excited to see what all comes and changes this year.  I am ready for some new things, ready to bring back some old things, and ready to see where we grow.  To say it will all be brand new to me and to you is truly an understatement. 

Year ten .... here we go. 

So first of all I have some great things to share.  I checked out the most popular posts from last year and have those to share with all along with the types of posts you all love to read.  I post all kinds of things and there are some you are most definitely drawn to, and some you are not.  Now that I know what you love from last year I can promise you more of the ones you love and less of the ones you don't connect to.  At the end of the day the blog is meant to inspire me (and you) so some of the things that inspire me will stay but others will be showing up less. I am really excited about the change.

The ten most popular posts of last year were ...

10. Perfectly Palm Beach
9. Cancer ... A Year Later
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7. It's Monday
6. A New Phase
5. All The Christmas Joy
4. Guest Room Refresh
3. Enduring Southern Homes
2.Our Den For Christmas
1. 8 Ways To Celebrate Spring In Your Home

You love anything that relates to our home.  Any single post that relates to our home and images you truly adore and they get the highest amount of traffic. For years I have been asked for a home tour and this year will be the year I give you one.  It is also the year I will reveal my final office, our oldest son's room now that it has transitioned to a part time guest room since he moved out, and changes to any room I make this year.  I have a huge list of things I want to finish so I am really excited to finish so many things.  Also, I have not participated in a One Room Challenge since spring of 2017 and this year I will participate in both the spring and fall. I have learned a lot about taking care of me during challenges which was always an issue and the pressure I put on myself to deliver over the top spaces was crazy.  This year I will take on one small one and one bigger one. I am really excited so stay tuned for more information!

You also love when I am open about our lives.  Cancer most definitely was a huge challenge for us and even though surgery and recovery is behind us the changes it made and the rest of our cancer journey is still ahead of us.  We have two more years of chemotherapy to make sure no further cancer grows so this walk is still very present.  Also, I have changed so very much and am now dealing with things that I was not before so I am hoping to be honest about them and maybe help one or more of you doing the same.  There are things that will always be private but if I can share what is happening and help someone else in the process I will do my best.  I always worry the most about my most personal blog posts and you are letting me know you are here for them.

You love book reviews so I will be posting more of those, both book club reads and coffee table.  I do love any and all books.  I also started needle pointing last year and I have decided I will stitch at least 20 pieces this year ... maybe more, so there will be that to share.  I have also found a fabulous community to share with you if you are a needle pointer or want to learn.  I am also hoping to add another hobby to my list this year and I am really excited about it.

And you love trips!  And lucky for me so do I.  I have some places I am dying to visit along with more than one trip for work already planned I can not wait to experience.  All the details coming your way. 

So with all of that being said this month will be a little bit of a recap of last year, a fluff for our home (yesterday's post), some new sponsored content, and setting some new goals and decisions.  My first trip of the year will be next month for Summit and I am really excited about it.  It is by far my favorite way to start the year. 

Thank you for an incredible year last year and thank you for showing up to read and follow along every single day.  I do think I am the luckiest girl I know!  🎉

Images by Angie Webb Creative


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