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11 Things At Shopbop

The sun this weekend most definitely gave me all the spring thoughts and desires.  I can't wait to be outside in the sun, amongst all the beautiful flowers and having so many outdoor adventures.  I may have some home to grey and rain but I am most definitely ready for spring.  Cue the perfect timing of the yearly spring sale at Shopbop, where all the cute full price items are on a tiered sale.  All the cutest goodness is ready for all spring break, Easter and all the amazing plans for warmer weather. 

Can we get a confirmed date on when it is coming?

I found eleven items I think are perfect for purchase ... eleven things I think you will love and I know I sure do. I think it can be very overwhelming to look at a big sale and wonder what, if anything, is something you want or need for your closet.  I broke it down to eleven things I would add to mine and why thinking this may help one or all of you thinking about how you can take advantage of the sale.  The best part about this sale is that things that truly never go on sale are available as part of the tier.  Since it is based on the amount you spend you can pick up an item, or two, at a sale price that would normally never be discounted.  It is definitely something to think about. 

Here are the items that caught my eye ... 

These jeans.  I love Levi's (always have) and think they would be perfect year round. 
These shorts.  I will admit, I love a good cut off in the summer!
These slides.  My favorite heels are now available as a slide, yes please!
This bag may be the best spring and summer bag ever!
This white dress is truly stunning and the details are just so very pretty. 
These shoes are such a great staple and the perfect neutral. 
This dress is the best shape and I love the oranges in the print.
These jeans are so good, I love the flare on the ankle. 
This is the best striped shirt on the market. 
This trench is just so good. 
These gingham espadrille flats are truly perfect. 

Oh ... and a bonus the sunnies from the image above!

Happy Shopping!

Image by Angie Webb Photo

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