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Beauty Additions To My Life

As we talk about a lot beauty products have become a big part of my life in this last two years.  It was January 2018 that I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see the woman aging in front of me.  I had never paid too much attention to beauty products and to my skin if I am being very honest and I could see the results.  My mother has incredible skin and she takes care of it like its a full time job and I was clearly not doing any work at all.  So enter the journey for me at that point.  Fast forward 25 months and now I am a beauty junkie and also the girl telling people they should try all my newest things.  It is crazy to me how much has changed.

But at the same time I love the way my skin looks and feels so this journey was so worth it and all the time and energy I spent was so good. Just last weekend I shared products with my friend Ruthann whose fingers clicked away on her phone quickly after trying everything I handed her.  I love being able to have someone look at my skin and ask me what I am doing to make it glow or feel the way it does.  I am more than happy to share.

I have tried some new products and have a number of them I have added into my routine which I can share with you.  I try things for a bit before sharing to make sure I am really happy with them.  I do not want to be the girl who opens something and shares it and then the next day is swollen, or has a rash or a reaction and then has to un-share.  I want to be sure if I am telling you I love it.

So here we go.

First up ... Microderma Mitt

Microderma Mitt reached out to me about a month ago and asked me if I wanted to try three of their products. I did some research and was really interested in all they sell so I was excited to try them. They shipped me three things, a face mitt, a body mitt, and a makeup remover mitt.  The face mitt was the first product I tried and instantly loved it. I can tell you I tried once and was hooked.  HOOKED.  I was so blown away by the results I made my daughter come in and try it as well and we both had the same result.   You use the face mitt after washing off your makeup and it leaves your skin the softest it has ever been.  I am not being dramatic at all, it is that good.  I use it a few times a week but I am sure you can use it as you wish.

The body mitt is the same.  This time of year when dry skin is an issue this little baby is pure magic.  All of the mitts are used with water alone and no products and leave you feeling the best your skin can feel.  When I got out of the shower I used a great lotion and I was so smooth and my skin so hydrated.  It makes so much of a difference when you add product to clean, fresh skin.

The makeup remover mitt is a little slice of magic.  I used it once and loved it and now have shared it with my daughter who struggles removing her mascara which is the only makeup she chooses to wear.  It is really magical.

Billie Razor

I can not tell you how many people I saw talking about this razors and just dismissed it as being the new thing.  I see a lot of influencers sharing a ton of things and I take some of it with a grain of salt. I realize I am saying what I am but when you see a number of people sharing the same thing you get a little wonky eyed sometimes, I realize that.  I am not sure what made me finally try the razor but I can tell you that now that I have tried it and own it I am here to tell you this razor hands down beats every single razor I have used before.  It is really the best razor on the market.

First of all the razor costs $9 which is cheaper than any good razor at the store.  The blades are surrounded with charcoal and have no extra products on it.  The shave is the best I have ever gotten from any razor.  It is close and since I am not super hairy I can go three or so days before even having to think about shaving again.  It will also cut through any hair with one swipe.  I can not think of any razor that can do that.  Depending on how often you shave you automatically get replacement refills for $9.  Mine ship every other month.  Can it get any easier?

I am telling you it is a must buy!


I visited the Glossier pop up store here in Atlanta a few weeks ago and was blown away by so many of the products I tried.  I bought a bunch of stuff and have tried it all and a few items really stuck out to me as I was reaching for them again and again and so I am ready to share my favorites with you.

I really love the mask combination.  The salesgirl suggested they are better when you use them back to back and I agree with her.  I have used them three times and really like the weight, how they feel on and the glow I get after.

I also really love the Lash Stick (mascara) and eye brow flick.  I have light eyebrows and sparse hairs on the end so I need some extra help in this area.  I have been using the Eyebrow Flick in combination with my Beautycounter eye brow gel and really think they look so much better.  The Lash Stick has a silicon brush and has really made my eyelashes look + feel longer.  I love the way it goes on and does not ever clump together which has always been an issue, in my opinion, with user lengthening mascaras.  It is a thin application and adding a second or third application is recommended for the best outcome.  I love how much longer it makes my lashes feel.  I am completely sold on both products and will be ordering them again on repeat.

I have also been really loving using the Bubble Wrap which I add under my eye before adding concealer and makeup in the morning.  This is an area I struggle with and the extra little bit of goodness the product contains is helping to keep it hydrated.  I really love the way it feels. ❤

Ice Roller

I gave up gluten cold turkey last week after a really bad round of headaches.  I have had issues with gluten and migraines in the past but I thought I was on top of it until it hit me hard and I needed to regroup.  Instantly I saw a difference in the swelling in my face and eye area which is a much loved plus, but there is still a bit of swelling that comes with sleep, etc.  I started using an ice roller in the mornings and most definitely when a migraine would come and it makes a really big difference.  I had one I bought from Amazon but when I realized I needed a second one I grabbed this one and honestly I like it better than my first one.  It is cold when you first pull it out but the way it makes your skin feel is so worth it.

Dermaplaning Tool

I spotted a blog friend talking about Tinkle Razors about six months ago and ended up down a rabbit hole of watching her use it and reading all about them online until I finally just stopped and ordered them online.  I was so nervous to try them and watched more than one video to get it down before taking the plunge and trying it for myself. I really am impressed at how well they work and how they help my skin and change the way the products I use work.  Yes, I am shaving my face and doing it about once a week and it is really something I look forward to doing. I really look forward to the way my products tingle on that new skin. 😉

I recently upgraded from the Tinkle razors to this one and I think it is definitely worth the upgrade once you get the hang of what you are doing.  I am definitely a dermaplane addict.

Revlon Roller Brush

I am pretty sure I mentioned this product before but just in case I haven't I am mentioning it again.  This roller brush is next level good and eliminates the need for me to use both my large round brush and hair dryer.  It leaves my hair looking like I just received a blow out and I love that outcome.  I only wash my hair about every 4 days so I add in this product when my hair is wet and then blow it out.  I have been wearing it down repeatedly lately and so the first day is more straight where the other days are curled.  I struggled the first week getting used to having it down but now am really liking it and I love that it does look so good with the roller brush.

To curl it I use a curling iron + these clips (which I also use while blowing it out) + this product.  My ends tend to dry out after the third day so I just put a little Moroccan oil in them which helps keep them soft.  I use dry shampoo on the last day at the roots to get it some life and then add in some extra heat with the roller brush and these rollers before curling it again if I am wearing it that way.  Otherwise I add a headband + call it a day.  At night it is up and off my neck using these scrunchies which I love so much.  They hold well and do not crease your hair, can you do any better than that?

Oh hair, it is always a lot to manage!

I hope you enjoy these products and give them a try!  I am truly adoring each one of them and linked them for you along with other ones I love and have been using longer.  I am here for any questions, pop me an email.  ❤

Happy Thursday ...

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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