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Always Hazen Happy

I love jewelry ... doesn't ever single girl ... and I think it is the best way to add fun and color to each outfit.  I have my go to earrings, a few necklaces I love, but when it comes to bracelets I am very loyal to my friends at Hazen & Co.  I own and wear a number of Hazen bracelets all the time and I get so many compliments and questions every single time I wear them.  I love how classic they are and how I can change them up for my need and outfit style.  Whether I am wearing a cute shirt, jeans + ballet flats or a darling dress and mink stole you will see a stack, or two, of Hazen bracelets on my arm.

I get a lot of questions on my bracelets and the two most asked are ... where are they from + do you have a discount code to order.  Until now my answer to the second question has always been a no but today I get to share that Hazen is offering a super fun discount for a short time.  While the discount applies you can order with both free shipping + a coupon to come back and shop later.  The more you spend the higher your coupon becomes.  I think it is brilliant and I am super excited to share it with you.  You can shop for yourself, grab some gifts for Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays and special occasions and do it with a special treat for yourself later.  I could not love it more. 

I have quite a few bracelets and my favorites tend to be the gold ones, pearl ones, anything pink, green and blue.  I am listing all my favorites for you below ... there are so many beautiful pieces available.  But ... the options are not just limited to bracelets, Taylor also creates the most beautiful earrings and necklaces and they are truly one of a kind creations.  I love how timeless and classic they are yet so perfect for all sorts of occasions and outfit options.

I wear my bracelets in groupings of three to five, but they can also be worn in singles or in pairs.  For me, I think two are good so why not add five?  I do love a good set of five!  I divided up my choices for you below by color, but they are all so beautiful.

Here is the graphic for you to show you how it works ... you get free shipping on all orders + a coupon to return to shop later.  Do not forget your code HAZENHAPPY! to shop and get your coupon.

Gold options ... 
Margaret (comes in three sizes)
Tres Bracelet (color options)

Pearl options ... 

Pink ...

Green ... 

Blue ...
Baby Blue Brooke

Happy Shopping ... don't forget to use your code! 

I hope your Monday is a great one!

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