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Bed Refresh For National Sleep Day

Can you think of a better time for National Sleep Day?  With all the virus craziness, rest is quite possibly one of the best things we can do to keep healthy.  I love to climb into my bed at night, dressed in amazing pajamas and prep for a wonderful night of rest and refuel for the next day.  I have said it many times and it is most definitely worth saying again, the master bedroom needs to be relaxing, refreshing, and needs to refuel us for life.  Our homes are definitely our place for solace and the master bedroom for Nathan and I brings so much peace.  I absolutely love our room, the chocolate walls, the green and blue details and all the things that we love so much that provide relaxation.

Have I mentioned I love our room? 😉

I partnered with a group of fabulous bloggers + Crane & Canopy to add some amazing bedding to our homes.  I was thrilled!  Luxury bedding to add to my already cozy room?  Yes please, sign me up immediately.

Since we have a green + blue theme going in our home I immediately knew I wanted to add the Larkin Blue stripe bedding to our bed.  I love the classic look of stripes and the french blue is so beautiful.  We added a duvet + 2 euro shams to our king size bed.  When the bed is completely made you will be able to see the green monograms I added just above our current pair of king size shams.  I love the added french blue to the mix.  

As part of our sleep routine I spray our sheets down with a sleep spray, a homemade mix of lavender + cedarwood oils. I also love to put on a great pair of pajamas and I was thrilled to learn Crane & Canopy also sells beautiful pajamas.  The Layla Pajamas are so soft and hang so well and, as you can see, look amazing with the monogram I added.  I love the mix of rayon with just a tiny bit of spandex that helps them retain their beautiful shape.  I will have a hard time changing out of them in the morning.  I had my local shop add the monogram, he stitched it a little larger than I usually request, but I do love how it turned out.

I mean, a monogram makes everything fancy. 

Getting out of bed is going to be a challenge when your bed is this cozy.  I will most definitely be working from this spot all the days I can and Saturdays and Sundays might be a required breakfast in bed kind of day.  Can you blame me?

Oh, and Millie immediately climbed in giving it her stamp of approval as well.  She is pretty picky and she didn't even sniff twice before snuggling right in with me. She can spot luxury from five paces and this bedding is truly so fabulous. I loved watching the video included in the listing for the best way to load your duvet into your cover.  I will admit I found their tips really very helpful since putting a duvet into a cover can be really challenging.

Right after I finish the new issue of Veranda I will be devoting some time to reading all of my friends blogs to see what bedding they chose and how they changed up their spaces.  Since this is a rainy Friday for us I will be tucked into my bed enjoying all the online inspiration. This is one really talented group and I am so thankful to be included!

Camila from Effortless Style
Patricia from Patricias Palace
Albertina from Mimosa Lane
Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles
Jewel from Jeweled Interiors
Carmel from Our Fifth House
Ariel from PMQ For Two
Diana from Diana Rose Spier
Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof
Michele from Crafting Culture
Heather from Oh So Lovingly
Paige from The Pink Clutch

I hope your weekend is amazing ... three cheers for National Sleep Day!

This post was sponsored by Crane & Company but any and all comments and thoughts are my own.
Images by Angie Webb Photo

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