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Irish Blessings For All

We may not be Irish but you can definitely count on us celebrating every single St. Patrick's Day as it is the day our love story began.  In March of 1993 a cute co-worker popped his head into the door of my office and invited me out to share a plate of nachos + a green beer at the nearby Church Street Station.  I remember looking at him and thinking ... why not?  Well, one large plate of nachos, two beers later and a walk back to the office and I may have fallen in love.  I had known this co-worker for more than a year at this point and watched his incredible work ethic and loyalty in action and I recall thinking he would be one of my friends for life.  

Little did I know ... 😉💚

From that point St. Patrick's Day has always felt really special to both of us.  Who knew there was magic in those green beers?  This year will look very different from years past but will still feel very special.  I snagged a small collection of cheese and snacks for us to make this platter of goodies along with some Irish whiskey to make a drink for this evening.  I have learned much over the last year and my favorite thing is how special the little things can be.  One of my favorite memories from the hospital would be the evening we both had a turkey dinner from the cafeteria and I made him scoot over for selfies not knowing that hours later our story would be so very scary. That evening and those selfies and him fussing at him are so special to me!

I shop at Kroger quite frequently (so not sponsored) and I hit up their amazing cheese department and found three Irish varieties.  I removed and trash the labels before taking note of the varieties but I do recall one was Murray's Irish cheddar (the green rind), one a soft cheese with fresh herbs, and the last a Gouda with rosemary.  I paired them with marcona almonds + sliced cucumbers + fresh rosemary + dried apricots + salt and pepper rice crackers.  It is all so very delicious and I can't wait to dive in this evening.  Yes, I got enough for two evenings.  #alwaysaplanner

 I have a super delicious drink for you that will go live at 4 pm.  Today is one of those super rare days when you get two blogs posts ... and this one is yummy.  You will need four things ... fresh limes, good ginger ale, mint + Jameson Irish whiskey.  Make sure to get enough limes that you can juice some and have left overs for garnish. If you are lucky like us you have a drive thru liquor store in your neighborhood.  It is very convenient in situations like the times we are in now.

I used a combination of Shamrock Cheers napkins + melamine tray for my eats and sips.  I love Emily's trays and own a ton of them.  They are really the best size for an appetizer for two or a great place to serve a cheese selection for 2 to 4 people. When we are done you just pop it in the dishwasher and it is ready to be used again and again.  I think we might own one for each holiday ... I might be missing one or two.

I am most definitely feeling lucky today.  I am blessed to have all my family home, healthy and working away on school work + work, work.  I love hearing their voices doing life under one roof and am always happy for forced family time.  I am one lucky girl for sure.

Do not forget to come back at 4 pm for your drink recipe.  I am sure we will all be needing one about then ... 🏆.  I will be wearing my Lucky Tee and mixing up two for us.

Cheers to a day together ... all of the blessings to each of you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

Images by Angie Webb Photos

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