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Dress To The Decor ... Blue + White

If you follow my friend Mary Huddleston then you know I just "borrowed" her saying, but I didn't think there was a better title for dressing for an event.  She pretty much nailed it with her Dress To The Decor phrase and I most definitely borrowed it.  When working with other creatives we always try to coordinate our outfits to make it cohesive.  For yesterday's spring table with Frontgate both Mary and I wanted to wear blue dresses.  I am not going to lie, there was some serious contenders for the shoot and I will share them all with you.  As you can see we both loved our choices ... but I bookmarked some great options for later, which I am sharing with you today.

Because ... a blue dress literally goes with anything at all!

I love a good dress and right now there are so many great options to choose from with spring and Easter right around the corner.  Even though I am at home I intend to get dressed daily to avoid slipping into the non-schedule routine.  I do love hanging up on my pajamas on the hook and then going back at the end of the day and retrieving them again when getting ready for bed.  And to do that I have to wear something other than just some sort of pj modified outfit.

Cue all the cute clothes, please + thank you!

As I shared yesterday my striped dress is from Talbots + Mary's darling dress is from Willow Park Boutique.  Both of these stores have great classic options and I shop them all the time.  I have also been so impressed with H & M lately with all of their darling dresses.  It must be dress season because the options are just sooo good.

What I love most about a good dress is how many different ways you can wear them.  I love a dress with either ballet flats (worn here) or wedge espadrilles (on Mary) but also have become a huge fan of wearing them with sneakers for a more relaxed look.  You can also pop on a denim jacket and it takes on a whole new look.  Anything I can purchase and wear a bunch of new ways is always a fan favorite in my closet.

I am including all of the blue and white pieces I checked out before deciding on the dress I chose.  I am telling you there were some really good options and I really wanted to snag a bunch of them. I still have my eye on a few of them for summer.  When we all finally get out and about I may change more than once a day just to be able to enjoy all of my spring and summer clothes.  I am being silly ... but also sort of not kidding.

Y'all .. this dress makes me really happy.  It fits so well and is such a great classic piece.

Here you are ... some great blue + white pieces you will adore!

I hope your Thursday is a good one ... get outside and soak up some sunshine, that is my plan for today!  😘

Images by Lele Fain Photography

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  1. I look forward to your posting's every day! You are truly a bright spot in my life. Keep doing what you're doing! You are a star :)



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