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Quarantine Q +A ...

Just as you all are I am truly concerned about life right now.  It is weird, strange and truly has no rule book or manual.  Just like you I am taking things one day at a time and some days are good, some are odd and some are not the best.  I am truly so thankful Nathan is home and safe and his first doctor visit showed a solid and wonderful blood report as he was suffering from sinus stuff with the pollen.  I let my mind run the course and it was not fun.  I have had to remind myself many times that I am called to live in the day and if I need more to just live in the moment I have.  I have had to redirect my mind and my attitude a lot, but I am ok with that, since that is where the growth comes.

I am sure I am no different than all of you.  What do we do, what do we say, what do we post, if anything at all.  After a lot of thought I made the decision to power through as normal as I can for both myself and the children.  Having just lived through one scary time I learned a lot about living in the moment and finding joy in all things.  I will continue to produce great content if for no other reason than it brings me peace and joy. As long as I can (if things change) you will find me here and on Instagram looking for inspiration and hoping to provide the same.  Today I found myself without a post (scheduling) so I put it out on Instagram to see if anyone had any questions and you delivered with some really good ones. Thank you for sending me some amazing things to think about and to share with you.

So here you go ... 

Can you share the story of the yellow Jeep? 

I am happy to share again.  I wrote a whole post on it here.  What I didn't realize when I shared this story was how many of you it would remind of God as well.  I love getting messages and shots of the Jeeps you see.  I makes my heart sing when I see them.

Can you share the compliment you get the most?

First of all, sweetest question ever.  I just smiled when I saw it.  I get a lot of compliments on my glasses.  It doesn't really matter which pair I am wearing they are always complimented!

Why did your husband end up in the hospital, if you don't mind me asking?

Of course, I am happy to share.  I wrote a whole post on what happened here and why we were heading in for surgery here. To sum it up ... he was diagnosed with a very large GIST tumor attached to his stomach in April of 2018 and the treatment included daily oral chemo for a year (or until the tumor stopped shrinking) and then surgery to remove what was left.  The surgery involved removing the tumor and any section of the stomach it was attached to and all below.  We had a lot of discussions before hand with our surgeon (who I love so very much) about the possibility of losing part (which was a real thing) and all of his stomach (which was a concern).  We were blessed that the tumor in total was removed along with only 40% of his stomach.  The weeks after surgery were very complicated but the surgery was an amazing success. He is most definitely a walking miracle and I will never stop praising God for all He did to bring him home and restore his health.

Your cleaning routine.  When, how often?

I do love a clean home and I don't think it is ever going to be 100% clean.  We have help that comes every other week and then pops in during the off week when we have company coming.  I am vigilant about cleaning the kitchen and breakfast room every single night before going to bed to be greeted by a clean kitchen every single morning.  I use my Thieves cleaner to wipe down all the bathrooms on the weeks we don't have the housekeepers here and I do run the vacuum on the carpets every single week whether we have someone cleaning or not.  I have a Ryobe small vacuum I use like a boss every single day at some point to clean up something or if I see a spot of dog hair. I also have this mop which I use to clean up the hardwoods.  We have carpet in our den which I am trading out in a few months and I can not wait to be able to have hardwoods on the main floor exclusively. I think wiping down the bathrooms and using the vacuum to clean up helps to make the house feel clean even on the off weeks.

Who do you take your Peepers to to change out into your rx?

I wear a lot of Peepers and some of them are readers and some of them have my prescription in them since I need them for distance and up close.  I take them to my eye doctor to have the lenses traded out.  You can also take them to Costco which my dad tells me is much better cost wise. Truly if we have any questions my father is the one to ask, he researches everything!

Do you have an exercise routine?  How do you stay fit?

You are both kind and sweet, I am not fit at all.  I used to walk all the time and also do yoga and for the last few years I have done nothing.  I am trying to get back into a routine of taking better care of me but right now I am working with my chiropractor to get my body in good shape to be able to work out.  I have an issue with my spine at T1 and T3 and also my lower back from stress and lack of taking care of it.  As soon as she gives me the thumbs up I am taking yoga once again.  I do walk a lot when I can, take stairs etc, but I am not in the shape I wish I was in.

I love seeing couples' wedding photos.  Could you share your wedding story?

Ah, this is a fun one.

So ... a little bit of a story here. We got engaged in September of 1994 and at that time he was in Orlando and I was in Atlanta.  Our plan was to move me home to Orlando and live happily ever after.  His boss decided they could use a Atlanta office to handle a large client here so the plan changed and we then tried to find a house in the burbs.  I remember thinking it was really far away from my cute flat in Virginia Highlands.  In April 1995 we found a house, closed and I moved in. That house was huge with me and not a lot of furniture.  Our wedding was set for August in Mount Dora, Florida since both my parents and my grandparents got married in August as well.  Well ... no one reminded me that it would be prime hurricane season and true to form the week of our festivities it poured.  As in wind blowing sideways and pool furniture at the hotel for the guests flying in the wind.  Yep.  Perfection.

The morning we traveled to the bridal luncheon it poured, the way to the rehearsal poured, got soaked on the way to the rehearsal dinner, delivering welcome baskets to guests, yep poured.  I think I was soaked more that few days than I was dry.  Luckily my hair was short and it was easy to shower and redo, since I did that a lot.

So the morning off the wedding it was truly epic pour down.  I think of my sweet Uncle Bob who just passed away being our bus driver taking guests back and forth from the hotel to the venue.  He was such a trooper.  We had agreed to do our couple photos of us before hand to cut down on wait time between ceremony and reception and I remember walking out to see him for our first look and thinking the heavens had just opened.  It poured all during the ceremony, all during the reception and just as we were changing to head out it stopped and the sun was perfection.  We drove away in a Mustang with the top down watching the sunset as we headed off on our honeymoon!

What are your favorite rides at Disney?

I have been going to Disney World since 1972 and loving it is part of who I am .  My father started working at Disney when my parents divorced and I would spend weekends with him some and we always popped in.  My grandparents were avid visitors and we always went when I stayed with them.  We would go after lunch, ride some rides, have dinner, watch the water parade, and I would be asleep before we arrived back at their house.

My very favorite ride is the carousel as my grandfather always rode with me.  I also love all the classics ... Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder, Small World (my grandmother's favorite) and as a child I was obsessed with Mr Toads Wild Ride which is now gone.

Do you like the idea of painting a ceiling the same color as the room?

I love painting a ceiling in a room, and there are a few of my own that need some attention.  As I have heard many interior designers say it is often a forgotten wall.  I vote for painting it the same color in a large room, a lighter shade, a completely different shade, wallpapering it, all of the above!

How to recover a lampshade?

This is one of my most asked questions.  I will write a whole post on it, after many years of saying no.  It is not hard but it is something I have mastered over the years.  So for this one ... check back soon!

I hope you have a really good day, I hope it is filled with something that makes your heart sing today.  You deserve it, we all do!  Keep the faith, we got this!!! 💗


  1. Keep writing - it is one of the things I look forward to every day!

  2. A big yes on the cover a lamp shade post. I see adorable, colorful lamp shades everywhere!

  3. Paige ask your chiropractor about Reformer Pilates. This exercise is now being utilized by physical therapists. I absolutely love it. I have been a regular for 15 months. My body is toned and stronger. I am 66 years old. Also it is amazing to see the changes to the regular group I exercise with. Most of us are in our 50's and 60's. The studio owner whom I adore is so knowledgeable about the spine, muscles, and ligaments. I am currently blessed she has kept her studio opened because I exercise at the Y 4 days a week and they are currently closed. Her studio accommodated 5 people so classes are small. We take every precaution to keep our equipment clean and sanitized. Best wishes to getting your body to feel better!!



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