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Irish Mule

Anyone else ready for a yummy drink right about now?  I recall about this time yesterday after my son had asked so many times if I could explain something geometry to him that I was zero percent qualified to help.  I am sure my oldest who I made him call needed a cocktail about that time too.  Bless his electrical engineer, physics and math loving heart.   Sigh ...

So today I am super prepared with a yummy drink perfect for today.  I recall making these a few years ago but could not find the recipe so I played a little til it felt and tasted right.  The key ... good ginger ale (we prefer one with bite) and fresh lime juice.  I also love a mule served in a copper mug.  It keeps it so cold and just makes it so delicious.  I ice mine while I am getting ingredients together just to make them even colder.  

You need four things for this cocktail ... Jameson Irish whiskey, ginger ale, fresh lime juice and more to garnish, and fresh mint.  I made two since we are the only two home that can partake.  😉

This is one drink I make directly into the cup instead of shaking.  I do not shake anything with a carbonated ingredient.  My brother in law who works part time as a bartender would be sad if I did. For each cup you will need the following ...

First up, one shot of Jameson Irish whiskey ...

Then add in 6 oz of ginger ale ... 

juice of one lime ... 

and to garnish a slice of lime + a large sprig of fresh mint. 

I stir mine with a paper straw and then add in a napkin (those mugs are super cold) and I am ready to cheers. 

I wish I could make one for each of you and have you over for cheese, treats + drinks but for now we will just have a virtual cocktail hour. 

I hope your day was just perfect!

1 comment:

  1. How refreshing! We love Moscow Mules so this looks like a good one to try soon!



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