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Cards On Repeat

This time together with my family has truly been the highlight of the last six weeks for us.  Since the kids are doing virtual school and the hubs and I are still working we do have some apart time during the day but gather together at dinner time for an hour or so of cards.  I have to say that may be my favorite time of the day.  All the laughter, the smack talk (my kids are competitive), and the fun, it has been such a highlight.

When I was little my grandfather taught me how to play cards.  He was truly so gifted with a deck off cards.  By the time I was school age I could play rummy, gin, and had mastered a game face.  I remember he would clip my cards together with a clothes pin so they would be easier for me to hold.  I started playing cards with my kids pretty young and they love it.  They are always up for a game or two and more than willing to beat me. Last night as we were watching TV after in our bedroom I told my girl she didn't always have to beat me and her response ... "I refuse to let you win just because".  

Well, there you go.  At least we aren't playing for money, I would be broke for sure. 

We played for quite a bit Sunday afternoon and I opened a bottle of wine and served up some popcorn. I can promise you that a glass of wine did not help my skills at all.  We played about ten games of DOS and I won two of them. It doesn't matter, we love playing cards and I love watching them interact with me and each other the way.  Have I told you I fiercely love my family?

I love to keep corks from wine and champagne and write down the memory on the cork.  I keep bowls of them around in the den, bar area, and on the porch.  Every once in a while I will take them out and read them and it always makes me smile.  This cork with say ... Family 4/20 💗

caftan (different pattern) || glasses || earrings

Cheers to all the memories of this time, good and bad and most definitely cheers to all the giggles.  They make the days so much better!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh Paige, I do love me a nice big glass of rose! That tint of blush, the aroma, the soft taste on the tongue -- it's like a mouthful of summer! And well worth losing a few hands of cards . . .

    Stay healthy, stay safe!

  2. This looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!!



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