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Six Brands New To Me

Small brands have my heart ... mostly because as a blogger I am a small brand as well.  I know what it feels like to have someone support you and share your work with someone else. It feels like a huge hug and a confetti party when someone shares my blog with a friend or someone from their family.  I love hearing ... my mama loves you or my best friend shared you with me and I am obsessed!  For that matter alone I will always love and support small businesses. 💗

Recently I have been introduced to six fabulous businesses I am really excited to share with you.  One I found online, one was introduced to me by a girl I love to work with, spotted one of them while antiquing and three of them introduced themselves to me via DM.  I do love to receive a direct message when someone shares their business with me.  I find some really amazing people this way!

Here we go ...

Pip & Roo Needleworks ... I found this company on Instagram while doing research for this blog post.  I love all things needlepoint and love finding a great company to share.  On Sunday I bought this canvas and I can not wait to get started on it.  I have my eye on more of their canvases ... this one for sure. 

Tiny Tag Co. ... I love paper and handwritten notes are one of my favorite things to give and receive.  My Nana used to write me letters all the time and I have every single one of them I ever received.  I miss this most about her.  Tiny Tags was a fun DM to receive and they sent me a box of fun items a few weeks ago.  I love all of their items and the Calm In The Chaos scripture cards are hands down my favorite thing.  Mine sits on my desk and I can flip through it and just breathe when I really need to refocus my thoughts.  Their items are truly darling, you must check them out.

Mae Wearable Art ... The first time I ever heard of Mae was from my darling photographer who also shoots her amazing jewelry.  Angie was prepping for the Southern C Summit and told me she would be wearing her pieces.  While we were chatting I was googling, I do this all the time, and discovered her pieces are just as amazing as she is.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Summit this year and she lovingly sent me a happy box a month or so ago.  I love Mae's designs ... and her bracelets are so fabulous.  I love how easy they are to wear and how fun they are to mix with what you have! She is  currently offering free shipping with code SHIPTOME.

Foxcroft ... My friend Ann introduced me to Foxcroft.  I will share she kept telling me I would love their shirts and I kept being like ... yeah, yeah I have so many shirts.  She was right and the minute I caved and agreed to try them I felt like I owed her an apology letter for putting her off for so long.  These shirts are incredible, they fit so well, wash so well and are so much better than so many I own.  I just tell others you must try them to see what I mean.  The one I am wearing above is this one but I can recommend so many of them and my friend Elsa loves them as well.  You will truly not regret getting any of their items, I promise you. 

studioHannafin ... The day I posted the image above I got a DM from Claire telling me they had the perfect earrings to pair with my shirt and they would love to send them to me.  After doing some research I said yes and handed over my shipping address.  They arrived a few days ago and I can tell you they are absolutely perfect for the shirt and so many other things.  The detail on these earrings is incredible and they truly look like tiny hydrangeas for my ears.  I am also in love with this necklace, it would be another perfect piece for everyday wear.

Pillow Trove ... I love pillows.  I think they are the quickest way to change the way a space feels.  You can have the same exact living room and change out the pillows on your sofa and side chairs and it immediately feels different.  I discovered Pillow Trove with my friend Claudia at Scott Antique Market the day before the shelter in place began.  I loved the pink pillows I own and knew they would be perfect in our den.  Her work is incredible and she can either sew them custom for you, or you can choose from her extensive collection of fabrics.  You will love her pillows, I can tell you mine are fabulous. The first image of this post is my set of pink and white Pillow Trove pillows. 💗

Happy Tuesday lovies! 

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  1. Where did that lovely lamp behind your sofa come from?



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