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Sephora For The Win

Weezie towels are amazing for washing your face!

The Sephora sale is in full swing and I originally thought I would skip the sale when it first came up on my calendar many weeks ago.  Here we are six weeks into distancing and I can tell you I found myself all in since my self care game has taken a major role in the days.  I seem to crave a mask, some really good bath products and even tanning options.  I think Sephora has the best selection hands down if you are looking for many products in one location.  I have many items I love and many items I have tried since being home so I am rounding up what I use and know work well for you today.  If you are a lover of beauty products + safe products, this post is for you!

good skin for me means I can go makeup free and love it

Before you wonder let me tell you I am still 100% a Beautycounter user + promoter.  I use it daily, reorder a ton and will forever be loyal.  That being said, I do own other products and those are the ones I am sharing today.  If you could see my counter you would think I was a product addict, which I just may be.  There is something about the process of putting on products and taking some time to just relax and enjoy it all.  These weeks have only made me even more of a believer in self care!

Ok ... so every single thing gathered here I either just bought or own and would buy again.  To share with you what I just bought ... I snagged these tan drops for the face + the body along with this lip mask.  My lips are showing age in my opinion, and who doesn't want good lips? I also snagged this lip liner to go with the Pillow Talk lipstick I bought at the beginning of the year.  The color legit looks good on everyone and is just so pretty!  Lastly, I snagged two sunscreen items, this for face + this for lips!

The sale is 10% off of all products with code SPRINGSAVE.  If you are a Sephora shopper now is the time to shop and get the products you use and love.  I can't wait for my bag to arrive!!

Holy cow it is already Thursday!  💗

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