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The Cottage Journal Summer Edition

By now you may have heard that our home is featured in the summer edition of The Cottage Journal.  We are both really excited and I am truly over the moon.  First of all the images are incredible (we love our photographers - Christina Wedge + Angie Webb) and the article is amazing.  It all came together in early February and was finalized in March but it still feels very unreal.

As in, that is OUR home.

a shot of our before on the porch

As I have told you many times I love our home.  Not just because it is pretty, but because it is where I am the most creative.  It is my office, sanctuary, creative space, and the home for our family.  It is the place that makes me the most at peace, well except for the beach. 😉

I have shared before that in 2011 we put our house on the market when Nathan's new job wanted us to be in Kansas City. We tidied the house, donated all the stuff we didn't need, painted the home all neutral and embraced the idea of moving.  It was a six month process and four days before we were supposed to move Nathan texted me from Canada (business trip) and told me to hold the wire transfer for our new home the move was off.  It was an emotional time for me but all and all it was the best thing for everything but I was left with a cream house I didn't love.  At that time I was ready to truly nest, start over, paint and decorate and I am still doing so nine years later.  I have tackled everything with the exception of our basement den and the garage.

handpainted by Thomas Ard

With the help of so many amazing friends, talented artists, brands I have worked with, and a lot of trial and error we have made this house our forever home.  There will always be the things I want to do (sun room + firepit area please), but the house is perfect to us. Nathan is convinced that we will downsize and move to the country when the kids leave but I think we will be debating that detail forever.  He made need a little house somewhere for weekends for us.  We shall see. 💗

Thank you for all the amazing messages about the feature, it has been so incredible hearing you love our home.  It is truly so special to us.  If you can not find the magazine in your area and you wish to read it you can order one here.  I found it at my local market (Kroger) but my parents didn't have any luck in their Publix so I ordered one for them.  You can also subscribe online here if that is more your speed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love.  We are truly THRILLED.  🎉

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