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Happy Monday!  I hope your day started off well ... the birds are chirping here, the sun is shining and I am trying to embrace this week in all CAPS, and be grateful for every single moment.  This weekend I was struggling with lots of emotions so I decided I would tackle the yard.  We had some bushes that were really overgrown and I was really just sick off, so I decided to remove a section of them to create a hydrangea area to the left of our garage.  We spent about six hours outside yesterday and we all went to bed exhausted but oh so happy.  I can see us with a lot more weekends outside ... and a yard that sees some serious love.  💚

It will be a win, win for all. 

Before I started in the yard I had spent a few weeks planting herbs, ferns, and flowers in pots on our deck and on the porch.  When I go out for groceries once a week I would snag a plant or two at the market and slowly it added up.  I am loving all the pink, white and green on the porch and on the deck.  Since the weather has been so beautiful I love sitting outside and seeing all the flowers growing so well, and all the bees and butterflies.  We even filled our bird feeder and have had tons of really beautiful birds this year.  I swear everything is greener, more beautiful, and just more peaceful than ever.

I have found the most beautiful pots recently and had them shipped to me and I love the details.  I stumbled upon them while grabbing essentials for us and then stalked them online.  They are just so pretty. There is something so pretty to me about an herb in a darling terra cotta pot. 💚

Have the best day ... 

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