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Ginger Jars With Elsa

I am teaming up today with my friend Elsa in two ways ... wearing our favorite Foxcroft top (insert twin emoji) + to show you some great ways to style your ginger jars. Yesterday afternoon after having a really good day I got dressed in my new favorite shirt, pulled out some of my favorite jars and styled up our happy hour.  It was a great hour being creative and the best way to end a really good Monday.

I am really excited to share my friend Elsa with you.  I first spotted Elsa on Instagram last year and I was immediately drawn in to her and her amazing sister in law.  Elsa is truly precious, with the most amazing feed all about her home, her style, her hobbies, and body positivity.  We have chatted via dm for months, talking about our hobbies (we both love to read + needlepoint) and cheering each other on during this time of uncertainty.

If she and I were in the same city, we would most definitely be dear friends.  She and I also both really love Foxcroft, the shirt company I shared last week, and own a bunch of the same tops which is why this twinning session is just so fun. 💙

We have loved spending the evenings on the porch, the weather has been really magical.  Around four yesterday I grabbed my favorite ginger jars and brought them out to the porch to style up for our happy hour.  I love using + collecting ginger jars, the colors are so very pretty and the shapes are so fun to style.  We have quite a few jars and I use them for all kinds of things.  They are so pretty with flowers, are great vessels for spoons at the coffee bar, stir sticks on the bar, match sticks near candles, fresh herbs in the kitchen, and so much more.  They are just a pretty jar ... they are so useful as well.

I even used the lids to style yesterday ... one to hold wine corks that I collect and a few to just add some character.  I think the jars are best gathered in groups, they do like to be partnered with their friends. 😉 I challenge you to style your jars in different ways other than just in groups for pretty pops of color and in bookcases.  Put these amazing jars to work, they will most definitely work hard for you.  Start with adding some flowers and then venture off from there.  I styled mine as a bar tray for happy hour and Elsa styled hers as a beautiful display with fresh flowers + gives you tips on how else to use them.

I poured one of my favorite drinks ... grapefruit juice, honeysuckle vodka + st. germain and we listened to the birds chirping, played cards, and watched the sunset.  It was really such a great evening.  💙

And, y'all this top, I keep telling you it is such a good tunic.  I was wearing mine with a pair of Lilly Pulitzer leggings and woven slides.  It is made so well, so flattering and looks good with anything you pair it with ... I promise.

Make sure you pop over and read Elsa's blog post ... and I promise you once you start reading her blog you will love her so.  She is so precious.  Right now she is sheltering in place with her husband at her inlaws house, and her posts about remaining positive, dealing with anxiety, and working from home are really so good.

Oh, and did I mention she is just beautiful?  She is, inside and out.  😗

Pull out those jars and put them to work for you ... and let me know how you use them!

Happy Tuesday ... 

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  1. Paige, I just love your blog. You certainly lead an authentic life. I collect Staffordshire dogs and cats, as well as blue and white ginger jars and blue willow. Where do you find all of the dog details, such as the printed matches boxes, and the stirrers? I am new to your blog, so I am loving going back through all of your posts. You have incredible taste. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration. I pray your husband is doing much better now. God bless.



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