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Gifting Some Love

I miss my best friends, I know you are feeling exactly the same.  It is crazy to me that the same people we normally see in our lives multiple times during the week we know only see on Zoom calls.  (Thank you Jesus for Zoom + FaceTime + endless texts!) Since spring always makes me want to be outside all the time and having friends over is one of my favorite things to do I decided the other day to virtually make that happen.  As in ... I wrapped up some of my favorite things and delivered them so we could all have drinks and snacks on Friday together. I literally can not wait for our Zoom call on Friday knowing I almost had them over and most definitely could serve them, even just a little.

Serving others is one of very favorite things to do.  I love to gift happies, and write cards, and have others over to love on them.  It isn't possible in the way we normally do, but it is still doable with some changes.  We all just have to be creative ... and intentional with our love.

One of my favorite cocktails to make is this one with Jackson Morgan Whipped Orange Cream.  It is easy and perfect for warm weather.  It reminds me of an orangesicle ... anyone else love them?

Orangesicle (for Adults only):

2 scoops of good vanilla ice cream (we love Bluebell Vanilla)
1 mini bottle of Jackson Morgan Orange Cream
Squirt of whip cream
Adorable straw

You can make it without ice cream if you prefer ...

2 parts Jackson Morgan Orange Cream
1 part Whipped vodka
Slice of orange for garnish
Adorable straw

Right now Jackson Morgan Southern Cream is offering free shipping over $30.  This is the time to order one or more of the amazing flavors.  You can use it to make ice cream as I did here, you can make a glaze for a family recipe pound cake (same post), you can add it to your coffee on the weekend, and you can sip it as is.  There are so many amazing recipes on the website for you to check out,, and I can tell you every single one of them that I have tried is delicious.  I have partnered with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream many times and loved every single thing I created with them.

I received this darling wrapping paper + these gift tags in the mail and knew it was perfect to share some love.  The print is just so very pretty and full of life and love.  I paired my fun small bottles of Orange Cream with these yummy cheese straws + my new favorite book to share.  I love the illustrations and every single thing Morgan Harper Nichols.  I basically packed a simple but delicious happy hour combo plus a book we can read together.  I hope they feel as loved as they are!

Treat your friends, family and yourself to something special.  Love on them from afar ... and stay healthy!

Happy Tuesday!

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