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Mother's Day Shopping

If I was to guess, I would say this would be a really important Mother's Day for basically all of the mothers I know.  Whether you work or stay home, work from home or travel, have one or more kids, your role as a mother has changed quite a bit in the last two months.  For me my role has not become one of a home school teacher, for the most part, but it has definitely changed a lot.  I found myself more of a counselor ... giving a lot of advice and trying to keep their spirits lifted and way more creative in how they see other people.  I would say my stress in this area is small compared to most, but it is still wearing on me physically and emotionally and this Mother's Day I would love a long note sharing how much I mean to the people I love most.  Wouldn't that be everything in the world for us who's love language is words of affirmation?

But I am not going to fib and tell you I do not have my eye on a few things that would make the days a little bit sweeter.  😉 Our coffee makers have been giving us quite the run around lately and I am missing a crafted latte just like the rest of you so I have most definitely been "shopping" for a new machine.  I have my eye on this one ... and to do all of us, ok ... me, a favor I will be adding it to the shopping cart and telling the Hubs to push select.  He will benefit as well, so I do not feel guilty at all for asking for it.  I can tell by so many Instagram stories that we are all upping our coffee at home game and I hear from so many of you that this machine is a great one.  I also have some small things on my list ... and we all do ... and I thought I would share some great ideas for Mother's Day with you that you can buy for your mother, sister, grandmother or you can send to your husband earmarked for your own special day.  If your husband is anything like mine he prefers very specific direction with gift giving and I am here to give him what he asks for.  💗

First on my list ... pajamas.  I love pajamas and now more than ever I have loved slipping on a great pair at the end of the day.  Great slippers is another great idea ... I know I wear mine all over the house all day long.  Our mornings have been chilly so it is helpful to have something warm on my feet. Fresh flowers always make me smile, and are a great idea!!  The weekend of Easter a neighbor shared some of her Dollar Hygrangea order with me and there are still thriving on our porch.  What a great way to extend some beautiful flowers.  If you or your mama love roses, I highly recommend Grace Rose Farm, they are truly the prettiest roses ever.  If you are looking for a great bag for gifting I have a few I can recommend.  This woven bag is the official bag of summer as far as I am concerned, can you even?  If you are looking for something you can personalize I recommend my favorite go to, this tote.   You can buy all sorts of amazing things to go with it which means your gift giving just got so much easier.  My mother has the passport cover, accessory case, + luggage tag.

Let's talk self care, I can promise you I am leaning in more and more in this area.  I have appreciated so many things that I "didn't have time for" before.  Yesterday I took a super long hot shower, got out and wrapped myself in my favorite towels + robe and just chilled after.  I don't think I have ever be so happy to use my towels and robe, both of which I knew were amazing.  I highly, highly recommend both of these!  The towels I linked for you is a starter kit which means it includes two bath towels and two hand towels. She will love it, and it is the best set to begin with for yourself. This brush, it is a splurge, but I can tell you that you are so worth it.  The best brush on the market, I promise you. I have also completely surrendered to all sorts of masks and I am loving it.  I love this one + this combo as well.  And to round out self care ... get her this razor.  I promise you will be getting thank yous forever.

Oh, and just some serious encouragement. I know these days are hard.  HARD.  I was there with small children and I remember every second of it. I was there with middle schoolers and it was really hard. I am now there with teenagers and it is still so hard.  All I can say is this ... you are amazing, you are doing a great job, and you are exactly who and what they need.  💗

Some other great gift ideas ... love on your mama this year and let your family love on you as they should.  It has been such a unique few months!

Happy Wednesday 🙌

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  1. Hi Paige...I have that coffee maker. It is seriously the BEST ever!!!



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