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Lemons + Lilly

Happy Monday ... can you believe its been five weeks at home?  Sometimes I feel like it has been just a few days and other times I feel like it has been so very long.  I am here and committed to whatever I need to do to keep us and others safe and well.  A month ago I decided our front door needed a new fun wreath and so I used some items around the house and freshened up the door.  Luckily for me I had snagged a great wreath and stashed it for later in the spring.  Well, the timing was perfect. You know what they say about lemons ... well I used my stash to make a wreath + some cocktails.

One of the things that I have found that keeps my head clear in these weeks is getting dressed every day.  I have noticed that if I go to get ready for bed and I am still wearing my pajamas from the right before I am a little down.  So ... I get up in the morning, put on something comfortable (usually either a dress or anything Lilly) and go about my day.  I am wearing all the color and patterns in my closet which most definitely improve my mood and help with the days when it rains.  The sunshine + colors and patterns is so good for my mood.

While checking emails this morning I noticed that Lilly is still having their 30% off sitewide sale (it ends tonight) and I could not help but snag some more leggings and a few extra pieces.  I love the Luxletic leggings, they are perfect for walks and to pair with a sweater on the cooler days.  I also love pairing them with this Foxcroft striped tunic which I really love.  I have fallen in love with all things Foxcroft and have a number of the white shirts and the striped ones.  They fit perfectly and are thick and so useful.  I highly recommend you check them out.

I combined this preserved boxwood wreath with some ribbon I had and a few lemons to make a fun wreath for the door.  It was perfect for a week that was still chilly as spring was on its way in, the color and the citrus was so fun.  The wreath is so well made, it was most definitely a great score.  I managed to move it to the porch before my resident mama bird took too many pieces for her nest, so it is still intact.  I love a good wreath you can use again and again with different ribbon. 💙

I pulled all my favorite pieces from the sale for you below ... I snagged two pairs of leggings and this popover.  I really wanted all the pajamas, but I should probably focus on real clothes right now, you know what I mean?

I hope you find something fun in the sale ... for me the colors and the patterns make the days so much better!

Happy Monday!

Images by Angie Webb Photography

1 comment:

  1. I'm obsessed with the Lilly purse with the bamboo handles. Obsessed!! Cute wreath!!



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