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Margaritas For You + Me

One of the biggest things I miss during this time has been our weekly trip to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  We absolutely do not miss a week, whether it be takeout or in person.  Everyone in our family loves a good Mexican meal and I do love a good margarita while we are there. We sit down at the table and I already know we need extra chips, a bowl of homemade chunky guac and one margarita (no salt) for me. My brother in law (part time bartender) makes a great margarita but I have always make semi ok ones.  As in, these are good, but they are so much better out.  Well, that is no longer the case.  Since I have had a while to practice and perfect my recipe I am thrilled to share it with you along with some things I think are truly ideal for margarita making.

I have done my best to shop small right now and when I plotted out this blog post for you I popped over, virtually, to one of my favorite small businesses ... The Grove in Winter Park. Grabbing a good pitcher, some fun cocktail napkins, and something to stir the mix together is vital to making this happen.  You will also need something to juice your limes and I recommend this one.  It is the easiest to get all of the juice.  You also need to keep your limes at room temperature (not in the frig) to get the lime to release all of its juice.   I think all the little tips are so necessary.

I prefer my margarita in a regular rocks glass and not in a margarita glass.  I think they are hard to manage and the second one can definitely make the glass a bit more tricky. 😉 I also prefer to make them in a pitcher and then serve them over ice.  The recipe that I have below will make four ... and they are a bit strong, so vary the ingredients as you see fit.  This pitcher is definitely one of the best I own and I own two of the same ones.  I also love using it for a water pitcher during dinner since there is always one or more of us that needs more water while we eat.  Once you get your ingredients all in the pitcher, give it a good stir and you are ready to pour it.  If you only have two glasses you can stir the remaining ingredients in case you need a refill.

Remember, I said they were strong, so prepare for that little tidbit.

The Best Margaritas

1 cup good quality tequila, I use Casamigos
1/3 cup cointreau
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 cup Simple Syrup, bottled or you can make your own
Lime wedges for garnish
Kosher salt (for sprinkling)

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher, stir well and serve.  Pour over a glass filled with ice and add in a lime wedge for garnish and a tiny pinch of kosher salt to balance the flavors.


All photos by me!

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