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Melanoma Monday

I am so very excited to partner with a brand I think is doing amazing things in the retail community and chat today about something I am very passionate about ... cancer.  I have partnered with Cabana Life today, Melanoma Monday, to kick off Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  As you know my husband is in treatment for a soft tissue sarcoma and the surgeon who removed his tumor is a sarcoma and melanoma surgeon.  I have such a heart for this precious man, who will forever be a hero in my eyes for his care of us and for his passion for his field.  About a month into our care I was googling his practice to add his office phone number to my phone and I came across a video he made for the American Cancer Society about diagnosing his brother with melanoma.  Watching the video broke my heart and I sobbed.  Here was this precious man caring for us and doing all he could to keep my husband on the path to recovery and he was sharing his own personal story and why he was the man and doctor he was today.  It was a lot to take in and process, and a few days later I mentioned I saw the video.  He shared his story with me and told me he thinks of his brother a lot and wonders if he would still be here with the new things they have learned. 

My heart went out to him, it was a lot for him to deal with and share and it truly changed him. ❤

Something in the video truly changed me.  Not only was I dealing with my own husband's recovery but I watched as this dear man shared how hard the melanoma diagnosis, and ultimate loss, was for his family.  It immediately reminded me of a dear friend of ours and his journey.  He was diagnosed more than ten years ago with stage 4 metatastic melanoma that had spread to his brain, lungs, and more.  He was given mere weeks.  My heart was shattered for his wife and their girls.  It was a very hard season for us as friends of this family but watching God heal him was a true honor.  He is now 100 percent cancer free and just had the privilege of walking his oldest down the aisle + officiating her ceremony. There are no words for the gratitude I have for them and their story.  This same man came to visit us in the ICU and the day was one I will never forget.  He told me it was his privilege to come visit us and to tell us we would be receiving a miracle of our own, we just needed to have faith.  Freddy Cook is truly a dear and precious man in our lives. ❤

I thought of all the times I have gone outside without my sunscreen.  How many times I have not protected my skin or skipped my yearly check.  How truly irresponsible I have been. I have fair skin and freckles and both my mother and my grandfather have had multiple spots of pre-cancer areas removed. I am one who should know and do better than I have.  I upgraded last year to safe sunscreen and I wear it when I am out in the sun, but do I use it daily ... the answer was no.  I can tell you watching our surgeon share his story truly made me realize my error and I am one to share, I will not be doing this moving forward.

Cabana Life is a small business I BELIEVE in and truly stand behind. The story of the founder is one similar to so many.  She was diagnosed with melanoma and had a wake up call.  Her life changed, she worked hard to educate others, and she created amazing clothing with UPF 50 to keep others safe. I could not love it more. The clothes are darling, useful for everyday and most definitely during times when we are out in the sun.  I have a number of their pieces and I can tell you they wear well, they are so cute and really so very comfortable.

For a limited time I have a code for you to shop the products at a discount.  You can receive $20 off orders of $100 or more with code PAIGEMINEAR.  I own this terry tunic, this dress, this high waisted bathing suit bottom (and matching top), this rash guard, + this cover up.  I truly love every single one of them, and clearly I love blue and white stripes as you can tell.  These items are classics, well worth the investment and most definitely safe to wear.  And ... they are so very comfortable to wear!

I call that a major win, win. 

Being outside is one of my favorite things to do, having grown up spending Saturdays at the beach.  Since I love being outside, especially now, I have been doing my part to make sure I spent time outside in a safe way.  I wear a hat, I use great sunglasses to protect my eyes, I wear safe sunscreen, and I do my best to protect my skin.  Melanoma is not something to be ignored, and I promise you I am doing my best with my own skin.  I also fuss at my family to do the same.  I am that mom, even though they are older, and I will continue to do so.  ❤

Sun protective clothing is my newest addition to my plan and doing so with Cabana Life is so very easy.  How adorable is their collection ... and what I love about it is how classic the pieces are. Wearing sun protective clothing just makes me feel so much safer ... and that does a lot for peace of mind.

Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month I think it is the perfect time to make some changes.  Make an appointment to have your skin checked, teach your family and your children about sun protection and skin safety, do your part by protecting your own skin.  If you have an area that needs to be treated, early detection is so very important.  Make sun protection a way of life, a habit.

Make sure you check out Cabana Life and their super stylish sun protective clothing.  The code $20 off your $100 or more purchase (PAIGEMINEAR) is only good until May 10. 

Happy safe sunny Monday!  🌞

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  1. I had a melanoma removed from my left calf in May 1994. Skin cancer is scary. Growing up, I suffered severe sunburns-sunscreen was unheard of. Please share the sunscreen that you use.
    I enjoy your blog & beautiful pictures.



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