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Wallpaper In The Closet

I am finding my groove again after last week, and fumbling through being able to use my left hand more than I did before.  Completing projects and being creative has most definitely helped my thoughts during this crazy time and last week I was definitely in a funk.  This week I have already worked on a few outdoor projects and now I am once again focused on one I have wanted to do for a while ... wallpaper the guest room closet. 💚

Wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to add pattern to a room and since we painted the walls and ceiling in the guest room and have kept the patterns to a minimum I felt like the closet was a great way to add some pattern.  I love wallpaper, probably more than most.  I think it is the best way to cover a wall, although once you commit it is definitely not easy to change like paint. However, if you wait and find a paper you love you will be thrilled the day it gets installed. 

I love the idea of adding wallpaper to a closet.  It is very similar to adding it to the laundry room, which I did and have never regretted.  I love walking into the space, even when filled with dirty clothes and being greeted by the pattern.  It makes a space that would otherwise be dreaded one I love to see.

I can't wait to add a fun paper to the guest room closet.  My vision would be a guest coming down and over coffee in the morning commenting on how much they loved the surprise they found when they opened the closet.  Yes ... a little happy pattern ready to great them.

Since the room is heavy on blue I will continue the pattern in the closet, but with a fun pop added.  I am really so excited about getting it hung and finished.  The samples arrived yesterday and over coffee this morning I sat and stared at the samples ready to make some decisions. 

Oh, I truly am sooo excited. 

Photos of our home by Angie Webb Photography
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