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Be The Change

Last week was hard and it was heavy and it was dark.  For me I think the fear and stress of the virus and how to "re-engage" was weighing on me along with enormity of the senseless death of another black man.  Then came the weekend with protests and looting and our city being destroyed.  It was so much and I was and still am very brokenhearted over it all. I finally just had to retreat, read what I could, pray and talk to my children.  All in all, none of this is right, it is all so very wrong and we need to most definitely become the change.

I think Andy Stanley summed it up perfectly for me when he said this ...

I read up on Samson and was immediately changed by Andy's words.  I hope (and fiercely pray) this is the last senseless death and we all learn so very much from George Floyd's death.  I know his name and the story was talked about on repeat in our home this weekend.  We also talked about the peaceful protests, the anger, the looting and how we could all do so much better.  Samson's death brought much change and I hope that Andy is correct, and George's death does the same. What Satan and man meant for evil, God can use for good.

I am thankful for all the posts this weekend.  I watched videos, read people's thoughts, listened to people's hearts and educated myself on how we can be different going forward.  As Maya Angelou says ... when you know better you do better.  I do not think I was doing anything wrong, but I also wasn't doing anything to help either. I wasn't judging others or treating them differently because of the color of their skin but I also wasn't educating myself or my family on how to help.  I wasn't trying to help them in their fight for change. I will most definitely be doing better.

These are my thoughts and maybe they will resonate with you and can be useful in your family as well.

I have always taught our children that we don't see color, we also don't see race, sexual preference (I hope that is stated correctly), sex (male or female) or disability. They were taught that we are all God's children and if he loves you than so do I. I am not sure that was the correct thing to teach them and we had this specific conversation yesterday. When I taught them to not see color or race or sexual orientation I also may have made someone feel invisible.  I don't want to do that going forward.  I want to see the color of your skin, know your race, and respect and honor your sexual orientation to do my best to help you in your fight for change.  I have never been judged for my race or the color of my skin but once a long time ago I was judged for being "the little woman" and I will never forget it nor I suspect will the man who lost a huge sale when he called me that.  Both my husband and I walked out of that dealership and the man lost a cash sale.  I know how it made me feel and it was nothing compared to the fight and feelings of others.  My "not seeing" was meant to be loving and kind and I am not sure it was.  I can now say I see you and honor you for the color of your skin and anything else that makes us different.

I might not be changing the world but I am most definitely changing me and mine and hopefully some of you as well and I feel that is my duty and my calling as a follower of Jesus.  I pray for peace, for kindness, for understanding, for healing, and for love that stretches beyond what we all know, for love is the only way we will change.


  1. Thanks for your words and perspective - we can make a difference!

  2. Thank you so much for the important words you shared. As a senior citizen, I clearly remember the '60s and the unrest, demonstrations and the killing of my fellow Americans. I had hoped that would be the last time I would see that. Unfortunately, it is happening again. So many people are afraid to speak up for fear their friends and neighbors would think less of them. Again, thank you for this post. I will also take your words as a reminder of what we, as Americans should be.

  3. Your words are beautiful, Paige, and I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you.

  4. Do you know, I don't always like the way you approach things but I respect what you've said here. It's personal to you and honest. Thank you



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