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Snapshots of Summer Tour

Good morning!  I have a treat for you today ... these are always my favorite posts ... I am joining in with other amazing blogger friends for a sneak peek into our homes this summer.  It's A Colorful Life Summer Tour is filled with stunning homes from talented blogger friends and you do not want to miss a single one of them.  I have listed the lineup at the end of the post, make sure you get a coffee or glass of wine and read them all. πŸ’₯

When I first said YES to the tour I was a little worried that I would not have images to share with you of the inside of our house, since nothing has really changed.  But ... the more I thought about it and the more I looked around the more I realized that we have made some changes (small ones) to accommodate the very different summer we are all experiencing.  And then I as I was adding in the images I planned to share I realized that we have made huge changes to the yard and the porch ... so I will break this down into two posts, the inside and the outside and catch you up in both areas.

If you are new to my blog from the tour, welcome!!  I love color, as you can see, patterns, mixing old and new and have made our house into a home we love filled with things that bring us joy.  We have lots of antique pieces that we inherited plus things I have found while antiquing and a number of newer pieces all mixed together.  I love pink (as you can see) and since my husband and I grew up in an area full of color (all the houses in south Florida are painted a color) we are both color lovers. It is the most asked question I get on the blog and on Instagram and the answer is always the same ... yes, he loves color just as much as I do. I have images to share from spaces in our home and I thought I would give you a run down of what I have been doing inside the house during this spring and summer which is different than any other time we have all known.  Let's just say it has been organization, moving things, moving more things, cleaning out and collecting some fabulous pieces.  

Here we go ... 

After quite a bit of laying low in March and most of April I got antsy and starting cleaning the heck out of our home.  I checked every closet, every dresser, reorganized the bathroom closets, purged like crazy, and just tried to make some headway in areas I had neglected for longer than I wish to admit.  When life was super busy I think it just got ignored and all of a sudden my schedule was wide open and it was time to deal with the stuff. That was amazing and helped us adjust to the "new normal". After that I focused on the areas that were getting more attention now that we were home and not really out in the world on the go.  The first area was the porch!

I partnered with Frontgate and completely made over our porch.  There were pieces that we had loved and were just done with and a couch that didn't fair as well as I wanted it to living outside.  The place I love to spend time almost every season of the year got a major refresh and it is just so good.  I spend so much time here every single day from coffee in the morning to reading to cocktails in the evening.  You can see all the changes and find links for our pieces in this blog post.  I am thrilled with every single thing. 

Making changes to the porch then spilled into the deck and the yard.  Our yard needed some serious love.  I am going to spotlight more of the porch, the deck and the yard tomorrow and I can't wait to show you how it has changed.  Who knew I would become the girl who loved to work outside in the yard, but there is something about starting and finishing a project outside that I really, really love. πŸ’—

Back in the house I was still completely in the clean out and organize mode.  There were areas that just didn't work for me, and us, now that we were spending all of our time at home.  I cleaned the heck out of my office, caught up on purging and filing all the medical papers that had piled up, and truly just making sure my office still provided inspiration as it was meant to.  I spend every working day in this space and I need it to lift me up (on the days I feel flat) and give my blog and days energy.  

One of my favorite things I did was to work on the inspiration board (seen above in a small fashion) and add this amazing lemon tree to the corner.  I know it may seem silly that this tree gives this office life but growing up around citrus all the time it inspires me so very much.  There is something about seeing those lemons with the sun shining in on them in the morning that just brings me real joy. 

Look at her in that incredible blue and white porcelain pot ... I just love it!

After the office I moved to the kitchen.  The coffee area got an upgrade since we are now making and drinking all of our lattes at home, and the shelves got cleaned off and supplies for baking all filled up.  As you can see someone loves to add brown sugar to her oatmeal, but then again, who doesn't.  My goal with our home and more importantly the antique pieces we have collected is to really, really use them.  I have a huge collection of things in my basement work room that were being collected and ignored which made zero sense.  In these months I have worked on making sure every single thing I collect is either accessible to me in the kitchen, dining room, or bar area ... or is sold or donated.  There was just too much to make that happen, so I have been selling off items every Tuesday and I love getting images from people really enjoying the things I collected in their homes.  In cleaning out I have found things I bought and truly forgot about so that means the accessory shuffle has happened in almost every room.  It is just like buying new treasures when you move things around.  I love it and its the best on a great rainy day. 

I had begun this process last summer before Lawyer's extended hospital stay and then recovery and it feels good to be back working on it again.  If pieces are out of sight they don't get used and loved and that is just not ok for me.  I want to use what we own and not let anything gather dust and be forgotten.  

This area in our kitchen was once a coffee bar with a darling pink bamboo server and then I swapped it out for this antique hutch I bought at Scott's for less than $200.  The pink bamboo server just went to live her second life to a sweet friend in Greenville who is thrilled with her.  This piece works so much better here housing things we use all the time and making it easy for me to set fun tables more often since we now eat all our meals at home.  It has been such a great decision I made and I am so happy I took the plunge and moved the bamboo piece. 

Right before Georgia shut down I made a trip to two different antique locations and grabbed some amazing things.  I actually felt like I had over bought but in hindsight I am so thankful I did.  When I found myself with all this time on my hand I decided to purge some pieces that didn't really work for us and swap out others. This amazing side table is one of the pieces I snagged and I love it in the den.  There was a bar cart here previously but having a bar cart right next to the bar in the den seemed silly, so now it holds a great lamp, some of my favorite design books, and a few of my favorite Staffordshire pups. 🐢

Anyone else love to read?  I have collected some really great books.  I love how pretty they look all together in our bedroom.  If you are looking for recommendations you can check out my friend Ashley Brooke's book club which I joined 18 months ago and really have enjoyed!

We also fluffed the bedding in our master bedroom and it has made for some amazing night of great sleep.  I love the blue stripes mixed in with the greens and yellows.  The bedding is so pretty, and I do love the addition of our monograms on the shams.  πŸ’š You can read all about the changes here and find all the links!

I am currently working in the dining room to finish it and get it all ready for the celebrations I am planning for the fall and winter.  I am ready to embrace family dinners + holidays with a group.  I love this pink room ... but I swapped out the chairs and need to make some decisions for the wall with the china cabinet.  I took every single thing out of the china cabinet and organized it and changed up the colors and that completely started a big project.  I love this side of the room and the other side needs love and completion.  I also want to paint the ceiling and possibly add some trim work. Stay tuned on this one ... it is a total work in progress. 

Although I do not have any new shots of our home (Covid + Hubs on chemo) I hope you enjoyed hearing more about our summer at home.  Tomorrow I will have some updated photos from our porch and yard, so come back tomorrow for more!

I hope you loved coming over ... I know I always enjoy sharing our home! Make sure you check out the other homes on the tour, the goodness is out of control! When you finish this post you will want to check out Pender and Peony, a true favorite of mine, and then catch the rest of the tour ... its all so good. 

IT'S A COLORFUL LIFE- "Snapshots of Summer" Tour 2020





Have the best day
! πŸ’—

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. Beautiful tour! That mirror in your dining room is giving me all kinds a great vibes. It's stunning.

  2. You have such a pretty house! Lots of cute updates! 🌸🌸🌸

  3. Paige, I love, love, love your home! Thanks for having us over. Can you share where the Staffordshire dogs pillow on the pink sofa was purchased? I collect those pups myself. I actually have the same pair of brown ones that are placed up high in you dining room. When I took most of the brown out of our home, and added black, I repainted them black. They turned out great. I can't wait to come back over tomorrow. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much! The pillow is from Willa Heart, I love all of her things!

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  5. Boy, I could just get lost in every photo you share, Paige! I absolutely love all of the life and interest in your home! Thanks so much for joining us on the tour!

  6. Beautiful home tour!! Very colorful bright and cheery... I love the dining room especially



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