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Cocktails For Two ...

Y'all it's Friday ... and I was ready for this day all week!! 😂 For anyone else that felt that this week was a long one I high five you, we made it, and it is time to relax and refresh for the week ahead.  I am really excited about today's blog post as I have partnered with the darling MK Hennigan to bring you two ideas for cocktails for two.  MK writes the fabulous blog In The Curious Kitchen, a food + entertaining blog that is new to me but quickly becoming a true favorite.  Her photos make me drool as I am reading each and every word.  I don't know about you but I am a visual learner so if you add photos with food descriptions I will order it immediately.  Long story short, you will love her blog!

When we decided to pair up we settled on a cocktail, appetizer, and set up for two to enjoy cocktail hour together.  This doesn't have to be a cocktail if that isn't your thing, you could easily sub in a fabulous iced tea or juice with garnish ... but don't skip the idea of coming together at the end of the day together.  Since my husband has been working from him we have gotten into the rut of not carving out time together due to the fact that we are both always home.  I discovered a few weeks ago this was absolutely not working for me and I needed to carve out one or two evenings that we sat down after a long day and just spent some time chatting.  It can be on the porch just us ... or as it normally is me sitting at the island in the kitchen while he prepares dinner.  He loves to cook so this is a perfect set up for both of us. 

Recently I discovered my grocery store had a seasonal drink, Blackberry Lemonade, and purchased it for the house.  As my husband and I were both trying it out I immediately thought of how delicious it would be to use it as a cocktail base as it has such delicious flavors!  It would be fabulous with honeysuckle vodka, gin, and even tequila for a margarita.  I chose to use it with bourbon as it is a favorite for both of us.  To make this cocktail you simply need a flavored lemonade, blackberry for me, plus your favorite bourbon, Bulleit for us, a lemon and some fresh blackberries.  I garnished the cocktail with both mint, a few slices of lemon and some fresh berries.  

It was delish!

This drink was so easy to pull together and was so yummy!  I also love how easy it is to swap out your favorite spirit.  If you were entertaining you could prepare the ingredients and then set out multiple spirits for your guests to choose their add in.  I also love that it is just as fancy without the spirit, and looks amazing in a glass all gussied up.  Highly recommend!

One of my favorite go tos for appetizer, and lunch a number of days, is hummus.  In May we set outside for Mother's Day and one of my friends brought this delicious hummus.  I was fascinated and noticed my husband eating it again + again.  He usually isn't into fancy appetizers so I was all in for learning how to create it at home. The moment I tasted it I was hooked.  It is so fresh, so delicious, and makes the perfect treat. The hardest thing about making this appetizer (or as I said lunch for me) is the prep work.  Once you get all your ingredients chopped it takes two seconds to put it together.  I did not make my hummus from scratch and chose a store variety and I think it tastes amazing.

Hummus appetizer ... spread the entire container of hummus into a bowl.  I used a pasta bowl since it has sides and it is easy to keep it contained.  Cut up an English cucumber, a container of grape tomatoes, a few peppers (I used the variety pack of tiny sweet peppers), and toast some Naan.  Once you spread the hummus into your bowl I drizzle mine with olive oil and add some salt and pepper.  After that I just sprinkle my veggies on top until I like the view.  Real scientific ... 😉.  Once the veggies are set I sprinkle it heavily with feta cheese and chopped basil.  Easy peasy and so very good!

I love to set up a table or in this instance a cocktail area.  This is all for me as the Hubs could not care less if I served it to him on a paper plate, but I do secretly think it tastes better if it looks good.  I am sure he agrees and is just keeping that little detail all to himself. 😉 I used a napkin as a "tablecloth" and then added in my favorite antique china + a pair of monogram napkins + my favorite spreader, + a pair of new glasses.  I love mixing dishes and I absolutely love how the Minton Cockatrice looks with our Blue Willow.  I snagged a set of 4 of these darling pink wrapped glasses and I really love how pretty they look with anything I use them with, and this set up may be the best yet. 💙

Fast forward to the end ... we ate every single bite of that hummus and the kids popped in to help polish it off as he made dinner.  Those drinks are so yummy and I have made them twice since, I highly recommend.  Some of you will make your lemonade from scratch ... and I think this recipe would be delicious.  It doesn't look hard to make, which is always a good thing for me.  

Cheers to the end of the week, cheers to making it through, and cheers to new inspiring accounts to follow and blogs to read.  You must check out MK's blog post to show how she styles and creates a cocktail for two.  Spoiler alert ... it is amazing! and we both have pink and green plates!  

Happy Friday! 😎

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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  1. I believe things taste better on beautiful china too, and I LOVE your china. Those appetizers and spirits look yummy. Thank you for the wonderful pics.



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