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Pearls Of Palm Beach

As a lover of all things Palm Beach and a huge fan of Holly Holden I was giddy to learn she was releasing a new book.  I have loved Holly Holden since she introduced herself via email to me a few years ago and find her style and etiquette to be addictive.  Holly lives in the most amazing home and had decorated it with so many incredible details, it is a space you will want to slowly take in again and again.  Her new book, Pearls of Palm Beach, is a wonderful treasure ... filled with beautiful images and the understated elegance that exists in the residents of this magical little island of Florida.  

The moment the book arrived in the mail I was ready to take in the images on each and every page.  As a Florida girl I love every single bit of Florida I can get.  Daily I miss the palm trees, the laid back lifestyle, the beautiful homes, and the stunning landscaping that survives each day of the year.  There is something just magical to me about stepping into the state, instantly I feel at home and at peace.  Over an afternoon and evening I read each and every page of Holly's book.  It is wonderful, truly magic, and shares her love for the area and the people and the incredible architecture and design style.  I can not say it enough, I loved each and every page. One of my favorite parts is the introduction where she writes this ... 

"From the moment I first visited the island of Palm Beach with my husband Stuart, there was a palpable excitement.  I was smitten.  Palm Beach is a society of gracious, intellectual and international people. Their charm is all the more infectious in their one-of-a-kind lifestyle and paradise of pretty houses, proper parties, generous philanthropy, pristine beaches, private clubs, old-world glamour, and a prodigious of jolly good fun."

John Volk House

I just love her description of her love for this special island.  After this she shares eight different houses and the details that make each style so special.  The images are almost too good to be true. I have included just a few of them so you can get a taste of the goodness that awaits you in this book. Each and every pages includes images of things I love most.  It is filled with chintz, traditional and classic Palm Beach style, tablescapes that will make you swoon, monograms, pups, and did I mention all the chintz??

The English House

The English House

Lucky House 

My new nightgown and a cup of hot tea (with a monogram napkin) was the perfect evening combination for the night I devoured the book while tucked into my bed.  I was sad it was over when I finished and decided it would live in my bedroom and next to my bed where I could easily access it for inspiration at any given point.  I loved this book and highly recommend it for yourself and as a gift.  During a time when travel is hard this is a great gift for others to spark so much inspiration! 

You can order your copy here ... and if you would like a chance to win a signed copy for yourself check out my Instagram post for today.  I do have a second copy to giveaway thanks to the generosity of the lovely Holly. If you aren't following her you must immediately and also subscribe to her YouTube channel to watch her amazing videos.  They are amazing and you will fall in love with her, she is just so very lovely!

Have the very best day ... 

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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  1. What a gorgeous book!! I love her IG feed - such beautiful images!! And Monday Manners? We ALL need etiquette reminders these days!



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