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Have you shopped Amazon Prime Days yet ... I say yet because I am pretty sure every single person has grabbed an item or two from the sale list. It is crazy the amount of items we as a family purchase from Amazon. It is so easy to open the app, search for what you want, and then click and purchase it in a few easy steps.  Within two days it shows up at your door. When I ordered my new coffee maker a few weeks ago it came the exact same day ... I mean, can it get any better?  Amazon is most definitely our go to for Covid, and with good reason. They are currently in the middle of a two day Prime Day event where you can score amazing items at even better prices as a prime member. The deals really can not be beat!

If you are like me you find it a bit overwhelming, there are so many items on the list to see and peruse, how can you possibly know the best items to shop?  I read some articles on the best way to shop and thought I would share ... just in case you are like me and have already started gift buying for this holiday season.  The deals really are so very good, and once I started shopping I found some fabulous pieces to cross of my list.  I have already bought my dad's birthday present and I have purchased two Christmas gifts.  I also used the sale to stock up on some of our favorites, and to check my previously ordered list to see what was on sale I could grab. I know that is not any specific information so let me break it down better for you. 

I have a storefront where I list all of my favorite items which you can peruse but it is still big so I will list out what I would snag during the sale hours.  There are really some great things to grab!

My new coffee maker, we love it ... and love it even more at $30 off!
Apple AirPods, the cheapest I have ever seen them (grabbed one for a gift!)
This TV is $60 off and I hear it is amazing!
I have wanted an Instant Pot for a while and they are $50 off. (I got two of them, one for a gift!)
All Columbia apparel is up to 45% off, there are some amazing items. 
My favorite purse organizing insert is less than $20.
Vineyard Vines for men ... didn't even know they carried it and now it's on sale!
These Canon cameras are 25% off ... in case you are in the market for one. 
New Balance is 35% off and I bought more than one item.
This incredible Genomind Mental Health Map we did in August is currently $100 off!  
My parents love their Kindle Paperwhite and its currently $55 off.
Do you have a Ring Doorbell on your wish list?  They are on sale for $30 off. 
If this ice maker showed up under the Christmas tree for me I would be in pure heaven!
We have this Nest and I really love it, I like that I can see it on the app and it works like a charm.

I hope that helps ... also when you are on the site check out the lightning deals ... some of them are crazy good!

Happy shopping!

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