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At Home Tailgate

Per usual for 2020, football season is so different this year.  If you are anything like us you know what college games are on each weekend, what time they are on, and what time you plan to begin the snacking for the day.  We love college football, and as a dating couple would go to UF games on Saturdays.  Lawyer was always impressed with my ability to get really great tickets for us for every home game.  I still have not given up my little secret on that one.  😉 Since we are not attending games, and tailgate this year looks so very different, I have some ideas for you on how you can make it feel somewhat normal in a time that is anything but normal. 

The first thing I did was move one of our smaller televisions to the porch.  With some small editing we were able to make it fit and watching it outside gives us way more of a "being there" feel than just watching in the living room. The breezy weather and the leaves falling behind us most definitely makes it feel so much more real. 

I love college football, am a true Gator fan, and will also watch anything involving a SEC team.  Depending on the schedule we could be watching games for most of the day so the snacks and sips need to accommodate that for us.  We start in the middle of the morning ... anything after 11, so I always vote for a great Bloody Mary.  Whether you add spirits or not I think a great Bloody is a great way to start the weekend.  I like mine spicy with all the yummy things inside ... celery, blue cheese stuffed olives, left over bacon (if we have any), spicy pickled okra, and any other veggie I can stuff in there.  You can just make a pitcher and add bowls for the extras and set it out on a tray.  We have been more simple, just the cold bottle of great mixer, our favorite vodka, and a stir stick.  I most definitely need to make a great bloody mary bar this weekend. 

When it comes to snacks for games I am all in.  There is something about game food that takes me right back to college.  Our favorite thing to snack on as of late has been small cheese boards + Whisps.  I am addicted to these yummy snacks with so much flavor. Lawyer actually made that yummy board with a simple mix of two of our favorite cheeses + italian salami + yummy crackers + some chocolate bark.  The chocolate was a yummy mix.  Nothing special ... but yet perfect! Remember the food just make the football even better ... so add in anything you like for snacks.  We are lighter on the snacks because I make my favorite dinner for later in the day. 

I have the best meal for you to make for any group ... or on a Saturday morning to make sure you are off duty for the rest of the weekend.  If we have any group of kids or people for a low key adventure I always make these and they are a HIT.  

Walking Tacos are sooo yummy!  There is something amazing about eating out of a bag with all the warm and delicious inside.  I first had something similar in high school.  We lived in Texas for four years and for two of them I went to high school in San Antonio.  One of the regular items on the lunch menu was Frito Pie.  You could either order it in a bowl or in a bag of Fritos and I was obsessed.  If you wanted it in the bag you order as a "walking pie".  Yep, ordered it most days ... and I loved it.  So walking tacos is the same except instead of chili you make taco meat.  I make quite a bit of it and keep it warm in a dutch oven or in a crock pot.  We top ours with shredded cheese + shredded lettuce + salsa and it is so good.  My kids prefer theirs in a Frito bag and I am all in for the Doritos.  

Try it, you will be a huge hit and the clean up if you use paper bowls is next to nothing which makes it perfect for tailgating!

I don't feel like its a real day of football without a bourbon at some point.  In college at Florida games you could smell the bourbon in the air as it was a favorite for the fraternity boys.  One of my roommates dated a KA so we spent a lot of time with them and the smell of Jack Daniels whiskey takes me right back to those weekends!

For fall I found Pumpkin Ginger Beer at Trader Joes and thought it would be so mixed up in a Kentucky mule.  It most definitely did not disappoint.  Lawyer prefers his the regular way ... but I am all about the slight pumpkin flavor.  The bottles are so pretty and would make a great fall gift for a friend, it just needs a cute bow!

Since I am completely in to watching the games I try to make my set up user friendly so I can commit to my own eats and sips and others can help themselves.  My kids love Ginger Beer so that was on the list for sure.  They can make their own tacos so that keeps my plan working perfectly.  If we have another couple over this is a great way to let them snack as they want and you can have your own cheese board, etc.  With all the virus concerns I think most of us are making smaller individual boards vs. larger ones and I love the idea. 

Is it Saturday again already? I do love college football season!

I partnered with my friend MK again to share our own versions of tailgating and, as usual, she truly delivered.  You can read her post here ... she is truly so very talented and so fun!

Happy Monday ... if you are like me I am already ready for next weekend's games! 🏈

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. Paige, I am a regular reader but have not commented before. Thank you for sharing your challenges and triumphs. I had never heard of “walking tacos” but know that at least a couple members of the family will be very intrigued. I will definitely be doing them soon as a surprise. Can you add the link for your friend MK for those of us who aren’t familiar with her? I am interested to see her tailgate ideas. It is always a nice treat to find one of your posts in my mail. MM

  2. The writing and photos in this post totally transported me! I would kill for a walking taco, and a bourbon drink right now and it's breakfast time!
    I think this is a fantastic idea because it's turning being stuck at home into something special. Definitely inspiring!

  3. So perfectly fun and festive. I love the walking taco idea, and some wonderful Bloody Mary's. My favorite mix is Zing Zang. Thanks for the wonderful blog. Go Team!!!



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