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Bring On The Cozy

Cozy times curled up on the porch with my best girl?  Yes please! The chill in the air is really my favorite thing about fall ... well, that and a great fire.  I have been living in sweaters + jeans lately and discovered that my sweater collection needed a few new ones.  I got a few from a few weeks ago and still wanted to add a few more to my collection.  Since I seem to gravitate to the same sweaters season after season I thought I would share my favorite styles with you.  My classic prep style most definitely shows up most in the fall and winter months as I seem to have a sweater, jean + loafer (or ballet flat) habit.  When it works, why make a change, am I right?

When it comes to the perfect sweater for me I seem to pick the same styles again and again.  I love a crew neck, I also love a great cable knit, I love a tailored sweater for jeans, and I also love a great tunic style for leggings.  I seem to choose grey, navy, cream, black, and pink as evident in the sweater section of my closet.  I try so hard to pick a new color and then I seem to add the same ones to the cart time and time again.  One of my new favorite styles is the one I am wearing here, a classic Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater that never goes out of style. 

Since I was shopping for sweaters for myself I did some homework and picked out all the ones I love for you to check out as well.  They are all great styles, super comfortable and if I could choose each one of them I would.  Maybe I can make that happen?

Check them all out below, each is available in at least one color, if not more, so make sure you check out the listing in case the color shown isn't your favorite.  For the cozy look I am wearing you pair a great old school RL sweater with your favorite jeans, my favorite girl (Millie is just the BEST), and this great Frontgate throw.  We all love it and it is most definitely Millie approved. ❤

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