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New Shades

I can recall before it was necessary for me to wear glasses + sunglasses daily craving to be able to wear a pair of stylish glasses.  I think it was an image of Dominick Dunne that sticks out to me with the tortoise frames and the stylish and iconic Jackie Kennedy with her amazing classic sunglasses.  Glasses seemed to be something of a studious look and I was all for it.  This was, of course, part of my youth, and now that I am 40+ and my vision is no longer 20/20 I rely on glasses to help me see 24/7.  That desire for stylish specs has not changed one single bit, and I wear what I feel like is the best of the best. 

My go to specs have always been either options from the eye doctor, Warby Parker, Eyebobs, and Peepers but I have a new company to add to the mix.  About two weeks ago I ordered a number of frames from Diff Eyewear to give them a try.  I see ads for them a lot and then I received an email from their team introducing themselves and their brand.  I got online and shopped and ended up purchasing (yes, this isn't sponsored) five pairs of frames, three sunglasses + two pairs of eyeglasses.  Some of the ones I picked happened to be part of a buy one, get one and I was pleased that my total for five pairs was under $200, as eyewear can get very pricey.  

I have shared before that I hunt for great frames and then either have my prescription put in or I order that frame with my rx. I have a few pairs of readers but most of my frames include my requirement for tri-focals. And yes every single time I say that word I feel really, really old. 😂 I prefer an oversize frame, either black or a shade of tortoise or a bright color.  I want my frames to add to my lifestyle, not deter from it.  I love cute hair, a great pair of earrings + great frames just add to this. 

I have had my Diff frames for over a week now and really love them.  I have shared two pairs I ordered on Instagram, but there are three more I have yet to debut on social media.  I have included links for all of the glasses I purchased below along with the rest of the items that caught my eye.  I get so many inquiries on which frames I wear and I love to be able to share those with all of you, so this post is one I was excited to write. These glasses really are sooo good and I know you will love them. They are very well made, being a tiny bit heavier than some of my other pairs.  They are so good looking and I love that Diff has partnered with Sightsavers to make sure that those in need not only get eye exams but also eyewear. Buying a product from a company that works to give back always makes my purchase so much more enjoyable. 

As I believe, glasses should be stunning ... life is too short to wear boring ones! 😎

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