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Spring Inspiration with Mallory Mathison Glenn

When it comes to interior designers there are just a small few that I really fall in love with every single thing they design, and Mallory Mathison Glenn is one of those select few. I met Mallory five years ago when she was working on this room at the Holiday Showhouse.  I fell in love with her work immediately and her excellent use of colors and patterns.  When I interviewed her for the blog post she shared with me her vision for the room she had just completed, and I loved her work even more. 

A few weeks ago I was perusing some photos on my phone that I had marked as a favorite and spotted this room she completed for the Southern Style Now showhouse in Charleston in 2018. I loved the room when I saw snippets of it in 2018 and three years later I love it even more. There is something about Mallory's work that just gets me, every room she creates makes me want to instantly move right on in. This room with its incredible apricot lacquer walls and the immense use of fabric, I literally lose my breath looking at it all. 

So ... I knew you would love it, so here you are. 

It is truly so very, very good. 

Can I move in immediately?

Happy Wednesday ... 

Photos by Katie Charlotte



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