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Dining Room ... Week 1

I was so excited when I woke up this morning knowing I was finally tackling something that has plagued me for months.  It is the beginning of Operation Completion and I am HERE FOR IT.  For so long I have left rooms in various stages of completion and for what reason I will never know.  I am very type A and this behavior was anything but.  I think I got busy and kept thinking I would have time.  Guess what, you only have time for what you make time to do.  And it was time to make this happen. 

As I shared last week I really wanted to join in on the One Room Challenge and realized I was beyond silly for even thinking I was prepared for six weeks of intense work.  Was I literally crazy in that hour??  I am so thankful I moved past that thought and instead decided to finish all the messes I have created.  I am already feeling so much better. 

To catch up on what I am talking about you can start with this blog post and then read this one and you should be current. I started this morning with a video of its beginning state and then have been updating all day on my progress.  If you aren't following me on Instagram you need to so you will have the full picture. You can begin here with the morning IGTV and then catch up on Stories and you should be good to go.  

The plan for the room this week ...

Clean the room and remove every single thing that doesn't belong
Put everything I took out away in its proper place or choose to donate/sell
Vacuum the room
Finalize art for the walls ... make sure I love what is hung and if not move it
Decide what to hang on the one empty wall (we have never had anything on this wall)
Pick up light sconces at the lamp spa where they were rewired
Make shades for light sconces
Swap out the shelf sconces with the new porcelain ones
Fix curtain ... it needs to be divided into two panels from the large one it is, and fix the hem
Table side chairs ... recover 
Table end chairs ... have seat covers made
Hang wallpaper in the back of the breakfront (only one panel is done)

Deep clean the room + reveal

After beginning to tackle the space I learned from the lady who does my upholstery that she is slammed and will not be able to get it back to me into mid week next week.  I was bummed but also super supportive of how busy she is so that reveal will be delayed.  But patience will be worth it, I can just feel it.  After a trip to the fabric store I chose the most beautiful green velvet for the side chairs, it is going to be so very pretty.  I also will use it to back two needlepoint pieces I am having made into pillows. I planned on take them to her ... but we shall see with her workload.   The trim you see in the photo above is for the pillows ... and the gorgeous green velvet is for them as well.  It will be stunning, I am thrilled I saved them when I found them instead of selling them as I first intended!

For the side chairs in the room I decided to use the fabric that matches the curtains, which is one of the reasons this room redo started a year ago.  I spotted the fabric in an estate sale listing in September after buying the chairs in the summer and it was completely a go from there.  I replaced our breakfront as well, and now I just need to complete the work.  The fabric may be the most fun thing I have purchased and the lot of it (two large panels, one huge valance, a canopy, bedskirt, small roll of fabric, and the large panels from the canopy) for $150.  All of it and I asked three times to be sure before I said I would take it all.  It is so pretty and I love the tiny print and the color ... it is the perfect green. 

Can you even?

Stay tuned, more work to be done tomorrow and I have some wallpapering I need to get to ... or decide to remove it from the breakfront completely. 

Either way I am making great progress and I am so thrilled. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Love it all!
    The list is quite daunting but it will be fabulous. Love this series.

  2. I adore the colors and choices. Be happy your upholsterer is available at all, my seamstress is 8 weeks out.



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