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Iced Coffee ... on repeat

With the late summer weather here in the south hot coffee has become a little hard for me to have.  I love my first hot cup every single morning but I have found myself not wanting a second one ... just because it is really hot outside. Every single time we travel I always love a great iced coffee, so I decided to try and make a great one at home. I tried just making hot coffee and then icing it and found I didn't love it.  Then I tried buying a premade iced coffee, and same.  With some trial and error and actually a conversation with a guy at Whole Foods I settled on a cold brew and love it. I have been making them once a day for a few weeks and I love it so very much.  

Do you love a cold coffee? I love an iced latte, a cold brew with cream, and really love a shaken espresso with cream and wanted something strong with a great bold flavor ... that I could enjoy cold and at home. I grabbed a bottle of Stok on the recommendation of the guy at the market and then tried it with a few different milk varieties we had at home along with some new and fun flavors.  I do not love sweet coffee and I don't love a lot of milk so I found a happy middle ground and have loved it so much.  

Here is my recipe ... 

I start with a mason jar or Tervis tumbler.  Fill it with ice, I love ice.  Add about a half of the cup filled with the cold brew.  I use Stok green label and my girl loves the red one.  After filling my cup with 1/2 of it with the cold brew I fill it to the rim with Oatly oat milk.  I use this one, unsweetened and filled with good things for you.  I then add in one pump of flavoring, my favorites being either pistachio or almond.  I don't love sweet coffee as I mentioned above and one pump is perfect.  

Stir and enjoy!!

I am planning a trip out of town at the end of September and I am stocking up on supplies to make it for my roommates while I am gone.  I snagged some to go cups and straws as well, because that just makes it even better, right?  I am so excited to share my iced coffee skills ... I hope they love!

Happy Friday to you all, this week was long and I am super thankful to have a weekend.  💗


  1. Hi Paige! I just love your blog and your great chic style. This coffee recipe is one I'm definately going to try. I currently buy Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and put sweet cream creamer in it. Being able to make iced coffee at home is so glorious and a real treat! Have a great evening Paige!!

  2. The Stok green label is absolutely the best. Nothing compares. I drink it straight with a splash of half and half. Delish!! I will say, though, it’s been getting a little tricky to find in Birmingham, so when I see it, I stock up!!



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